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5 Phone Safety Tips to Keep Your Phone in Optimal Condition


By Vishal Toshiwal, Tech Expert, Cashify

It is safe to say that nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone. The arrival of new technology and innovations have completely transformed the concept of using a phone–it is no longer limited to staying connected with loved ones. Smartphones have become entertainment devices for streaming videos, browsing content on the internet, gaming, and much more. The sky’s the limit.

However, a lack of knowledge/information or using a phone in a poor mannerism can cause damage or result in reduced phone life.

To avoid that and keep your phone in optimal condition, here are some tips that can help:

  1. Get a Screen Protector: Buying a screen protector is base zero for ensuring your phone’s safety. A screen protector helps in keeping any dust or debris away from the screen and the front camera. Make sure that the screen protector you buy is made of tempered or gorilla glass.

The typical thickness of a screen protector is between 0.03 to 0.05 mm. There are options for choosing a gloss or matt finishing. However, the thickness of the screen protector is more crucial. A good screen protector will absorb the damage, provide protection against scratches, and reduce the chances of breaking the actual screen.

  1. Buy a Case for Body protection: It definitely feels good to flaunt a new and vibrant coloured phone without a case. Though a little slip in the grip, it has the potential to damage the body and the screen.

To protect your phone, buying a good quality or a military-grade case has no alternatives. Make sure that the case has good shock absorbency. It is better to buy a Rs. 500 cover than to pay Rs. 5,000 for repairing a phone. Also, it will spare you from effort and time you may need to get a repair or replacement done.

  1. Don’t Download Apps and Media Files from Unreliable Sources: It is easier to avoid external damage to the phone compared to the internal threats of viruses and malware striking from nowhere. Always make sure to check the source of the application before downloading it. Make it a rule of thumb to only download applications from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

For any media files or links, open them only if it has been sent from a reliable source or by a known individual. Also, do not burden your phone with unnecessary apps and media. At least, once a month, delete apps and data you no longer need.

  1. Reboot Phone Once in A While: As trivial as it sounds, rebooting the phone once a week helps it function better. Your smartphone also needs a fresh start after a certain period.

Rebooting the phone every once in a while can extend the battery life, prevent unexpected crashes, clean cache files, and retain memory storage. Using a phone constantly and equipping it with dozens of applications takes a toll on its performance. To run your phone smoothly for the long term, reboot it regularly.

  1. Look After Battery Health: After 2-3 years, phone batteries start to lose their capacity. Battery drainage becomes an issue with time and increased usage. Battery damage cannot be reversed, but you can implement some tricks that can help in sustaining the battery for the long term.

For extending battery life, never trickle charge your phone. Remove it from charging when the screen shows fully charged. Also, plug your phone for charge when the battery level is between 30% to 80%. That will prolong the battery life. Lastly, do not let your phone battery run below 20%. It takes a load on the device and the battery, reducing the usage life.


For ensuring your smartphone performs better and lasts longer, be a smart user. Implement small changes that can help your phone run smoother and more optimal.

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