AIFISPA Welcomes the Path breaking Reforms announced by Government of India for the Telecom Industry


All India Fixed Internet Service Providers Association (AIFISPA) would like to congratulate and thank Govt of India for remarkably futuristic and enabling reforms for the Telecom Industry. The reforms announced by India’s Hon’ble Minister for Communications Mr Ashwini Vaishnaw, today are indeed a new beginning for the Telecom Industry in the country. These reforms would augur well for the industry to invest for the future and successfully steer the Government of India’s Digital Mission. AIFISPA thanks the Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for his futuristic vision with these bold moves and encouraging the industry to accelerate India’s mission for digitalization.

While Welcoming the reforms and relief package announced by the Government of India,  AIFISPA hopes that the Government will take similar path breaking and much needed reforms for the Fixed Line Broadband Service providers in the country, which will help the industry to fulfil the national broadband mission. Fixed line Broadband involves 1200 plus small Internet Service Providers (ISP) across the country and has delivered much needed high speed connectivity during the pandemic.

The fixed line broadband players have enabled entire industry to seamlessly transition to  “work from home setup”, keeping the wheels of the economy running. School from home, tele medicine, video conferencing, streaming entertainment, are all some of the ways in which fixed broadband players have critically supported and enabled everyday lives during this pandemic. This yeoman’s service was rendered by lakhs of on-field employees relentlessly braving the virus in pursuit of the prime purpose  of keeping customer connected. Further, fixed Internet Industry is set to play a critical role in building a ‘Digital India’ and support the Union Government’s initiatives to enhance fibre optic infrastructure across the country as envisioned under NDCP 2018 and the National Broadband Mission.


AIFISPA is hopeful that the Government of India, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi would look into the challenges faced by the fixed line broadband industry and seeks the much needed helping hand and encouragement to the industry. The Recent proposal to levy 8% licence fee on this industry , that does not use any natural resources like spectrum, will be a major bottleneck for the industry to exist and thrive . Fixed line broadband industry is besought with many challenges including very high investment in ROW, infrastructure and cost of building network upto  the last mile of  customer’s home. Industry is hopeful of positive legislative encouragement through exemption from license fee.

While commenting on the reforms, President of AIFISPA, Sunil Yajaman said “We sincerely thank the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Finance Minister and the Hon’ble Minister for Communications for this much needed support to the Telecom Industry and would like to make a humble request for them to hand hold and nurture fixed line broadband service providers, an industry which is suffering greatly over last few years on many fronts. We are more than happy to assist all endeavours of Government of India and are looking forward to work towards making National Broadband Mission, a resounding success soon.”

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