Aldronix Accessories Wants To Build a Legacy of Happy Customers


Aldronix Accessories an newly establish brand with strong product portfolio debut in the mobile accessories market with  a wide range of advanced accessories that are tailor made to enrich consumers experience. In order to cater to the dynamic consumer base, Aldronix Accessories are available in leading retail outlets in general trade, modern trade and on e-commerce platforms.

DeviceNext interviewed Dhruv Duneja, Director at Zeliant Retail Pvt. Ltd. to know more about brand Aldronix and how they are planning its expansion and presence in India market.

*Tell us about your new product line and Quality and USP of your brand


Recently we’ve launched our three new models of neckbands, further we are planning a wide variety of products ranging from TWS to portable speakers. Every day we see plenty of low-end products in the market which are breaking the trust of the consumer, be it quality or price. We are aiming to provide an immersive audio experience to our customers without burning a hole in their pockets. At Aldronix, our relationship with customers is our priority. Our products and brand are defined by what our customers say about us.

* In which product line are you focusing on this brand?

Over the years, we have witnessed a rise in the demand for Audio products. With everything going virtual, schools, colleges, and offices – the last two years have shown us tremendous growth in sales. Our customers need affordable high quality audio devices and a seamless experience to go with them. Getting on the bandwagon of the current trends, we are focusing on wireless audio category products.

*What is the planning for this festive season, and what is the target you have set for this remaining year?

The festive season is always a golden opportunity for any brand to connect to their target customers. We are planning to offer giveaways, discounts, deals and other exciting attractions to all our valuable customers. As our customers grow, we are working to increase our network and branding in the market. We have built cohesive relationships with our distributors and other channel partners who are expanding as we speak. On the B2B front, we have started to collaborate with various brands and corporates from the industry.

* What is the channel strategy for this brand, offline or online or both Omnichannel?

Keeping the pandemic in mind, we are giving equal importance to both channels. For the online channel we’ve collaborated with Amazon’s Appario for exclusive sales over e-commerce. On the other hand, we are also building our distribution network all across India to cater to offline demand. We want to be easily available to our customers across all channels and as such are building all our strategies with a customer-focus.

* What you like to tell our reader about your brand and products closing comments?

At Aldronix our top most priority is customer satisfaction. ‘Customer is King’ for us. Our association with our customers is fueled by our moto ‘Quality at your doorstep’. We look forward to building a legacy of happy customers enjoying our quality products at their ease.

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