Every industry where the sales funnel includes a nano-influencer or a seller can benefit from deployment of Vingage

Almond Solutions recently announced the launch of ‘Vingage’, an innovative and new-age hyper local marketing platform to engage with nano influencers. ‘Vingage’ is an internet agnostic, mobile-first audio and video enabled platform that connects brands with local influencers like painters, contractors, carpenters, mechanics, drivers, plumbers, electricians and retailers to promote their businesses through them. This interactive, scalable, secure and cost-effective platform enables companies to build up a strong connection with the end customer through local influencers.

In an exclusive interaction with DeviceNext, Abhinav Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, ALMOND Solutions, told us how he intends to create a differentiating segment for the last-mile- digital solutions in sales & marketing industry.


How this platform is going to influence the nano influencers


Vingage is a mobile-first platform that works with a combination of hyperlocal content, gamification, e-rewards and data analytics. Hyperlocal content makes the message easy to consume and understand. Engagement through gamification ensures long-term stickiness and deeper interest. Instant e-rewards ensure longevity of communication and more importantly, a favourable image of the brand. The platform is cost-effective, customisable and scalable which means there could be an always-on engagement strategy that brands can deploy to have top of the mind awareness with influencers. If the nano-influencers are frequently engaged, educated and rewarded, they are highly likely to advocate the brand to the end-consumers.

What do you mean by hyper local marketing platform 

The platform can reach 1.1 mobile users in India be it on smartphone or feature phone, and given the socio-economic-cultural diversity of India it’s imperative that the medium and message take into account the cultural nuances. The platform, content and communication can be translated in all Indian languages, and through data-input the platform ensures hyper-local customisation. Additionally, the use of local flavours in content, integration of locally popular platforms & rewards ensures that a brand can talk to its customer in their language.

How it is going to build up a strong connection with customer

The end customer is always reliant on the influencer and their expertise to choose the best products for themselves. The engine oil in your car, the paint on your walls, the bread in your kitchen, or the bulbs in your living rooms – have all been recommended by an influencer. By leveraging Vingage, brands can turn nano-influencers into brand advocates and the medium through which the brand can create a lasting positive impression in the minds of the end customer. When the customer sees/experiences in-depth knowledge and myth-busting from the influencer regarding a brand, they always prefer to choose influencer’s recommendation.

How this tech driven platform is interactive, scalable, secure and  cost- effective.

The platform uses customisation, audio-video interaction, games, gamification to make the whole engagement highly interactive. Since the entire platform is digital and mobile-first, and needs no physical elements – the scaling from 1X to 10X can be done by simply switching to a bigger server.  Easy scaling without adding any kind of additional resource also ensures the platform is highly cost-effective. Also, the availability of rich data and live-analytics with no pilferage ensures a brand/organization can get maximum ROI out of this. Vingage is built by Almond Solutions which is an ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, CERT-IN certified organization, the data and privacy protocols ensure the platform is secure.

Which industry have huge demand of such platform 

Every industry where the sales funnel includes a nano-influencer or a seller can benefit from deployment of Vingage. NGOs/Institutions/PSUs that rely on using a select few to reach the masses can also see considerable improvement in results through the use of Vingage

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