Appy Pie unveils GenNext chatbot: Virtual Assistant and Conversational AI Answer Chatbot


Appy Pie, the leading cloud-based no-code app building platform, has unveiled the future of chatbots with the launch of an all-new Virtual Assistant and Conversational AI-powered Answer Chatbot. The online virtual assistant can be customized as per the need of varied verticals such as banking, healthcare, human resource management, etc.

The online Virtual Assistant and Conversational AI Answer Chatbot can be created using Appy Pie Chatbot in five easy DIY steps. These steps include giving the virtual assistant a name and a personality, attaching brand name, testing the bot, and launching it on the desired platform. These virtual assistants are engineered to read keywords from the text entered by users, understand the context of the question, search for relevant information and deliver it to the users.

“Contrary to the conventional chatbots, these virtual assistants have in-built unique personalities that can be aligned with your brand persona and ethos, effectively humanizing the bot to meet business requirements. Besides, these virtual assistants can be trained using AI & ML to deliver relevant information even if a customer query has typos or is written differently. You can even train these answer bots to pick data from FAQ URLs creating an efficient database. It’s time-saving and fully equipped to let business vie for scalability in an affordable manner,” said Appy Pie co-founder Abhinav Girdhar referring to the revolutionary product.


Businesses that lack the resources to answer their customers’ queries in real-time can use this new offering by Appy Pie as it saves them from keeping customers in limbo for getting desired resolution. In addition, the remote virtual assistants would enable businesses to keep their users engaged round the clock. Virtual Assistant and Conversational AI Answer Chatbots can work uninterrupted and take up repetitive tasks, allowing skilled human resources to work on other complex issues. The CX could be enhanced drastically with the help of this solution.

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