With a Customer First approach, AQFiT expands its distribution footprint across India and beyond

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As the Indian smart wearable industry is growing at an exceptional rate, many brands have entered this lucrative space. However, only a few brands have a research-oriented technology-driven development capability to cater to domestic consumers’ demands. One such company is AQFiT, which specializes in research and development, design, production, and marketing of smart wearable and personal audio products. The company’s focus is to develop smart devices that can help them to live a healthy lifestyle. AQFiT operates its manufacturing facility at Noida to produce innovative smart wearable products. With fundamental values of “Originality, Quality, Experience, and Service” reflected in AQFiT’s products, the company has proven to be a potential leader in the Indian wearable and audio market. Acknowledging the potential, the Denmark-based technology company, Deep Nordic ApS, has partnered with AQFiT to develop technology-driven products for consumers across India and beyond.

DeviceNext had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Sanjeevv Singh, Co-Founder, and CEO of AQFiT, who discussed the company’s growth plans and the roadmap ahead. Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

What are the factors that differentiate AQFiT from other smart wearable brands?

We believe that any new technology should be available to the masses at a reasonable price. We are working to build a strong user base to deliver upcoming technology at an affordable price by leveraging the scale of economics. India is now one of the largest nations to adopt a smart lifestyle. We want to be a part of this shift with good quality products to make everyone’s life easier and smarter.

The smart wearables market is highly contested, how are you creating a niche for your brand and products? What kind of target segment are you looking at?

As the world is transforming toward the IoT era by creating a digital atmosphere. COVID outbreak forced people to adopt new behaviors & habits that are directly linked to the extent of exposure to new technology. Few behavioral changes emerged from the impact of COVID-19/lockdown that impacted sales of tech accessories and wearables. AQFiT’s motto is to build reliable Smart Wearables with accurate sensors that can be made available widely at affordable prices to all age groups.

Have you been impacted by the semiconductor and electronics component shortages?

The semiconductor shortage is causing a price increase for smartwatches. A global pandemic like COVID-19 created a huge demand for electronic devices to be made and semiconductors are the key component. As semiconductor suppliers were unable to keep up with the demand, prices increased by 11-14% in January 2021 which has caused a price increase on smartwatch products as well. The semiconductor industry is doing everything it can.

From your perspective, what does an Indian consumer look for in a smartwatch today?

People started adopting healthier lifestyles and focusing on fitness. This impacted big on smartwatch sales as smartwatches are revolutionizing healthcare in an entirely new way by allowing us to take charge of our physical and mental well-being right from our wrists. Economies of scale played a big role in bringing down the smartwatch prices and thus pushed this category from the luxury segment to the masses considering the population of India.

You have a strategic partnership with Deep Nordic ApS, how has it helped in your expansion plans?

AQFiT gains an edge over the competition by leveraging its recent collaboration with DeepNordic ApS – a Denmark-based technology giant. DeepNordic, with state of art R&D facilities, has over the years gained mastery in developing Smart Wearables and integrating new technologies to enhance user experience. AQFiT gets an early mover advantage by introducing new technology with high reliability and tech support.

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