Bakstage, FLYX’s newest product, makes audio conversations social and fun for both Android and iOS users


FLYX, a streaming social network, announced the  launch of its newest product – Bakstage, a fun casual space for people to interact with real people via audio conversations. Bakstage is available both on Android and iOS.

Bakstage allows users to have real-time  conversations with people including prominent personalities, from celebrities to athletes, corporates, entrepreneurs, politicians, influencers and many more. The product is equipped to support ephemeral and recorded discussions. It will open the doors to live conversations about various topics like movies, shows, sports, tech, news, finance, social causes, politics, etc.

Bakstage sets itself apart from its contemporaries by focusing on India and making Android users as their priority.


Live audio chat rooms are all set to become the next frontier of social networking. It will not only encourage multifaceted discussions across topics, but will also provide an opportunity to content creators to share their talent with a larger audience leveraging these live audio conversations. In the current landscape, technology is mostly focussed on visuals such as text, pictures, videos, short videos etc. and there is a huge untapped opportunity in the audio space.

Bakstage aims to create a platform for content creators, such as singers, local bands, stand-up comedians, movie reviewers, audio jockeys (the new age radio jockeys), news readers, motivational speakers, healers, social activists, or mental health advocates.

During private beta, FLYX invited a few local bands and singers to perform live on Bakstage and the audience loved the experience of live entertainment.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, Shashank Singh, CEO & Founder, FLYX, said “We at FLYX are constanlty innovating to bring the community together and have meaningful conversations from movies to books to sports and things which impact the society. It is our mission to build an open platform for free flowing conversations which are beyond texts, pictures or visuals. After watching an amazing show or a movie majority of FLYX users wanted a space where they could casually engage with fellow fans, cast and crew members to discuss fan-theories, and reviews, that’s why we built Bakstage.”

Preet Raj, Co-founder, FLYX added “Social audio spaces have a huge potential, with consumers seeking out more personal and intimate experiences than the broadcast nature of social timelines and status updates. Bakstage aims to become a platform where content creators can monetize their talent regardless of where they are and attract not only local but global audiences. We are already seeing great response from our existing beta users and some potential partners.”

The proliferation of smartphones is playing a vital role in the growth of the social networking market. A recent report projected the global Social Networking Sites Market to grow by US$ 70.8 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 18%.

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