Baybot launches an innovative device ‘SmokeAlert’ to create secure homes and workspaces


Mumbai-based Baybot adds yet another smart sensor into its security portfolio. Introducing SmokeAlert, Baybot’s next innovative device to create secure homes and workspaces with the best use of smart technology and artificial intelligence available. Revealed by the name itself, SmokeAlert’s main role is to alert you instantly and in real-time, the moment it detects smoke, or fumes in the installed area.

Don’t imagine, but be prepared here. Fire is the worst incident that can happen to anyone — be it at home, office, workplace, retail store, restaurant, storeroom or even open spaces such as garages, parking lots, and more. The moment you know you are keeping valuables in the area – it could be anything from furniture to documents, or produce to livestock – you should consider securing the area accordingly. Since fire is unforgiving, it’s best to be alarmed the moment it is detected and before it’s too late.

Baybot’s SmokeAlert is a simple, yet robust standalone security gadget that is connected to the cloud using home or office Wi-Fi to instantly alert you the moment there’s smoke or fumes detected in the area. Based on Mesh technology, the SmokeAlert is powered by two AAA cells and consumes ultra-low power for longer running. Installation is super quick – simply mount it with the bundled 2-way tape or affix it with the included mounting base. Install it on the ceiling in the center of the room for best detection. If your room is large, you may install multiple SmokeAlerts for added security.


The moment there is fume or smoke detected, Baybot’s SmokeAlert gets into action. It instantly sounds an 80dB loud alarm to alert anyone nearby, as well as sends an alert to your smartphone so you can take instant action. Using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or IFTTT It can also be connected to your existing smart connected devices such as fire sprinklers to instantly take over the fire, or automatically call the local fire department. Additionally, it can also be used to instantly deactivate the locked/secured doors, open automated windows or curtains, and anything that can work towards saving lives, putting off the fire, and reducing the damage. Recommended places for installation include homes, kitchens, pantry, office spaces, retail stores, storerooms, meter rooms, warehouses, livestock areas, etc.

The Baybot SmokeAlert Smart Wireless Smoke/Fire Monitor will be available for Rs 2,199 on and, with a 12-month warranty period.

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