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BenQ GW2790T Monitor Review: A Productivity Powerhouse with Superior Eye-Care Features


A monitor is an integral part of any desktop setup, and the BenQ GW2790T Monitor sets a high standard with its ergonomic design and advanced eye-care technologies. Whether for work or play, this 27-inch Full HD IPS display offers a versatile solution designed to enhance productivity and user comfort.

Build and Features

The BenQ GW2790T features a sleek design with slim bezels and a matte finish, reducing distractions and glare. The 1920×1080 resolution provides sharp, vibrant visuals, ideal for a variety of tasks. The ergonomic stand is a standout feature, allowing for tilt, swivel, and height adjustments. This flexibility ensures an optimal viewing angle, which is crucial for preventing neck and eye strain during long hours of use.


One notable aspect of the GW2790T is its robust stand. The heavy, well-built base keeps the monitor steady, even when adjusting the screen orientation. Whether you need a vertical or horizontal setup, the monitor can accommodate, providing versatility for different types of work.

However, a minor inconvenience is the power cord plug. The monitor comes with a 16A plug, which can be problematic for users with traditional 6A sockets in proximity to their workspace. This may necessitate the purchase of a suitable power extension board, adding a small but noteworthy step to the setup process.

Productivity and Eye-Care Features

The BenQ GW2790T excels in productivity, largely due to its array of eye-care technologies. The integrated Eye-CareU software is particularly beneficial, offering features such as break reminders and light adjustments to reduce eye strain. The monitor is TÜV Rheinland certified, underscoring its commitment to eye health.

The Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technologies are designed to minimize eye fatigue. The ePaper Mode, for instance, simulates an e-reader, providing a black-and-white display that is easy on the eyes for reading. The Coding Mode enhances color contrast, making lines of code stand out against a dark background, which is ideal for developers. Additionally, the Color Weakness Mode sets red and green filters on the monitor, helping individuals with color deficiency to distinguish colors more easily.

The monitor’s Brightness Intelligence Technology automatically adjusts screen brightness based on the ambient light, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience in any environment. This feature is particularly useful for those who work in varying lighting conditions throughout the day.

Switching between devices is seamless with the one-click switch feature, allowing users to toggle between connected devices via multiple ports, including two HDMI 1.4 ports, a DP port, and a headphone jack. This functionality enhances workflow efficiency, making it easier to manage multiple inputs without hassle.


In terms of performance, the BenQ GW2790T delivers consistent and reliable results. Its 100Hz refresh rate and minimal display input lag provide smooth and responsive visuals, suitable for both productivity tasks and casual gaming. The monitor’s color accuracy and clarity are commendable, enhancing the overall viewing experience whether you’re working, browsing, or streaming.

While the built-in 2-watt stereo speakers offer clear sound, they are not particularly powerful, making them suitable for basic audio needs but not for an immersive audio experience.

Bottom Line

Priced at INR 14,490, the BenQ GW2790T Monitor offers a compelling blend of performance, usability, and eye-care features, making it a worthy investment for users seeking a reliable display solution for work and play. While it may not cater to the most demanding gaming enthusiasts, its overall versatility and practical design make it a solid choice for a wide range of users. Ultimately, the eye-care technology is the standout feature, ensuring a comfortable and healthy viewing experience for extended use.

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