BMT India Technologies expanding their range of chargers and making them compatible with a variety of devices.


It is indeed a positive sign that BMT India Technologies is expanding their range of chargers and making them compatible with a variety of devices. The fact that they are offering chargers that are capable of working across all protocols and compatible with different types of phones and laptops is a testament to their commitment to providing high-quality and innovative products.

Partnering with Flipkart’s Smart Buy brand is also a smart move, as it allows BMT India Technologies to tap into the e-commerce platform’s wide reach and customer base. By leveraging Flipkart’s reputation for offering affordable and reliable products, BMT India Technologies can increase the visibility of their products and reach more customers.

BMT India Technologies is offering a range of chargers with different wattage and compatibility options.


The 33W charger is capable of working across all protocols, meaning it can charge a variety of devices regardless of the type of charging protocol they support. This is a great option for customers who have multiple devices with different charging requirements.

The 25W PD charger is specifically designed to be compatible with Samsung phones, which is a popular brand in India. This charger supports the Power Delivery (PD) protocol, which allows for faster and more efficient charging.

The 45W PD charger is also compatible with the PD protocol and can be used to charge a range of devices, including “nothing phones” (phones without any specific charging protocol), Google Pixel phones, and laptops. This charger offers a high wattage output, which is important for charging devices that require more power.

Overall, BMT India Technologies’ range of chargers offers customers a variety of options to choose from, depending on their specific charging needs. The company’s focus on compatibility and innovation is a positive sign for customers in India who are looking for high-quality and reliable charging solutions.

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