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Brandworks Introduces Revolutionary Tech: GaN Chargers, AMOLED Smartwatch, Magnetic Power Bank, and TWS Models


Authored by: Ishwar Kumhar, CEO, Brandworks

At Brandworks, we are working on numerous initiatives and developing new goods  with unique propositions and private IDs across a wide range of product  categories.

We are introducing a completely new family series of GaN (Gallium Nitride) chargers, ranging from 20W to 140W, for smartphones and laptops. These chargers boast a very unique design and extremely high quality. They are compact, facilitate rapid charging, offer excellent thermal performance, and much more.

If you simply need to charge your smartphone, a 30W charger would suffice; but, if  you need to charge both your laptop and smartphone, a 65W or 100W charger is a  better option. With this, you can charge your MacBook, iPhone, Android device, Nintendo  Switch, or just about anything else. 


In the Smartwatch sector, we introduce you to the revolutionary AMOLED 2.01″  display with our proprietary tooling and competitive pricing. It includes various  other attractive features like a Calling, Health Tracking, Fitness & Productivity, Do  Not Disturb Mode, Dazzling Display, and Numerous Watch Faces.   It’s Sturdy Body Comfortable Adjustable Straps, High-quality frame, IP68 water  resistance, and lightweight construction make it an absolute crowd-puller.  

We are launching a new magnetic power compact power bank with 15-watt  wireless output in the Power bank category. It is slim, pocket-sized, fast charging,  and wirelessly charged. The device employs magnetic technology to keep the  phone safe in place, whether stationary or on the run. This ensures seamless  alignment and rapid wireless charging. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or  scrolling, our power bank maintains your device at the ideal viewing angle without  a clip or mount covering any area of your screen. Slim & portable, it’s the ideal  charging station for saving room or taking with you when traveling. Connect and  charge while browsing the web, watching videos, or making phone calls and stay  connected at all times.  

In the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) category, we are introducing a few new private  models with slim and clear designs. It has AI ENC (environmental noise canceling)  support and quad mics for crystal-clear phone calls. FB ANC with 25 dB active  noise cancellation, long playtime, the latest Bluetooth version, fast charging, and  low latency. We will also release a few gaming models with lower latencies.

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