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Cisco helping its service provider and enterprise customers adopt and drive revenue from 5G-powered services

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The 5G movement is in steep ascent. Cisco has had over 100 active engagements with global customers on 5G. 40 service providers are actively trialing and deploying Cisco 5G Now solutions. The company continues to mark major milestones in helping its customers realize the benefits of a true cloud-scale mobile internet.

Service providers face significant financing pressures as they prepare for this 5G revolution. Cisco’s recent Mobile VNI Forecast shows that by 2022, the average 5G connection (22 GB/month) will generate nearly three times more traffic on the networks than the average 4G connection (8 GB/month). Service providers must expand their networks to support this growth. At the same time, they must invest in new 5G services to stay competitive. Cisco is planning to commit $5 Billion in 5G funding via Cisco financing over the next three years to help its customers succeed with their network transitions to 5G.

New Products and Solutions at MWC Barcelona

Intent-based Networking:

  • Cisco Unified Domain Center: Enables Enterprise IT departments to seamlessly manage all policies, security, and services from the mobile network. It integrates with Cisco DNA Center, blurring the lines between the WAN, LAN, and mobile networks through a single pane of glass.


  • Cisco NCS 5500 High-density 400G line cards: Enables massive scale to meet the demands of 5G and delivers investment protection for the widely deployed NCS5500 router family.
  • Cisco NCS 560 router: Optimizes high-density converged access and aggregation networks and meets the stringent demands of trusted 5G xHaul, Cable Converged Interconnect network (CIN) and Carrier Ethernet applications.
  • Cisco NCS 540 router: Addresses Carrier Ethernet, Cell Site, 5G xHaul and Small Aggregation use cases.

Cloud Native Packet Core:

  • Cisco Ultra Cloud Core with CUPS (control user plane separation): The industry’s leading highly secure, full-featured packet core platform that unifies 3G/4G/5G/IoT/Wi-Fi connected services.


  • Cisco Crosswork Cloud: A cloud-based service that provides rich analysis of network data to deliver insights for network operators adds Crosswork Trust Insights which reports on the integrity of devices and delivers advanced forensics for assured inventory.
  • Cisco Crosswork SON (Self Organizing Network): Uses machine learning to react faster to network issues, predicting potential issues from the radio to the end-user device based on gathered (and ingested) data.
  • Cisco Crosswork User-centric SON: Using subscriber-level analytics to improve network optimization and user experience at faster speeds.
  • Crosswork Data Gateway: Collects data and telemetry to these cloud services.
  • Crosswork Optimization Engine: Real-time analysis and optimization of SDN transport to adapt changing network conditions for optimal performance
  • Cisco Network Services Orchestrator 5: Features enhanced tools that accelerate revenue-generating services with automated, self-service, and on-demand provisioning. Supports the largest multi-vendor networks that exceed 100,000 devices.


  • Cisco Trusted Platforms: Routers with Cisco IOS XR utilize a hardware root of trust, which provides a critical element to establish trusted network infrastructure.
  • Cisco Umbrella Mobile Protect: Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Ultra-M combine to deliver network-enabled security at scale across all devices and all generations, using Cisco industry-leading threat intelligence.

Wi-Fi 6

  • Cisco worked with Samsung to validate that the industry’s first Wi-Fi 6 device, the new Galaxy S10, works seamlessly on Cisco Wi-Fi 6 networks.

5G, Wi-Fi 6 and IoT Demonstrations

  • Sustainable Wireless Connectivity: Together with Google Station, Cisco is showcasing how it will work with internet service providers, governments and public venues on a mission to include one billion people in the growth opportunities of the digital economy.
  • 5G, WiFi and Smart Communities: Cisco is demonstrating how 5G and WiFi architectures play critical roles in helping service providers offer managed services to connected communities like the City of Barcelona, enabling them to improve economic sustainability, civic services and city infrastructure.
  • 5G Beyond the City: Featuring the ‘UK 5G Rural First’ project. As one of the key partners with the UK, Cisco will show how it is helping to “connect the unconnected” via 5G in rural locations.
  • Wi-Fi 6: Cisco will demonstrate how it is making Wi-Fi 6 even better with new and improved capabilities built on the same foundation as 5G. The new wireless standard can deliver three to four times the throughput of previous standards, sub-millisecond latency, and the ability to support up to 70 devices per 100 square meters.
  • Connected Cars: See how Cisco IoT and 5G architectures enable automakers to partner with service providers to deliver new monetizable services around predictive maintenance, improved R&D, data-driven sales and marketing.

Industry Open Standards

Cisco will highlight its investment and commitment to open, cross-industry innovations including Open ROADM, FD.IO, TIP (XR on white box), and Open vRAN.


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