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UltraProlink’s Commitment to Quality and Affordability: A Conversation with CEO Pankaj Mirchandani


During an interview with DeviceNext, Mr. Pankaj Mirchandani, Founder & CEO of UltraProlink, discussed the brand’s core principle, mission, and vision. UltraProlink is a leading manufacturer of high-quality accessories for mobiles and laptops. The brand’s goal is to help consumers ‘Do more’ with their gadgets by offering genuine, durable, and modern accessories.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

Can you provide some insights into the brand’s origin and its principle?


UltraProlink was founded in 2014 during the early stages of the mobile handset market when consumers had limited choices. Initially, we launched a range of products such as Cleaning Kits and Cables with only 10 SKUs. Over time, we have become a leading technology provider, offering the latest and most innovative accessories before anyone else. Our guiding principle is to empower consumers to “Do More” with their devices, and all of our products are designed with this in mind. Our most recent product, for example, is a 95W Compact yet High Power Travel Charger with three ports, including support for popular fast charging protocols. With this charger, users can fast charge their Mac books, iPads, and iPhones simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple chargers and enabling them to do more with their devices.

How does UltraProlink envision its market segment in India and what are its key focus areas?

UltraProlink’s core focus is on the categories of ‘Power and Connectivity,’ and it aims to offer products at various price points for all types of device users, from feature phones to flagship models. The brand offers all specifications and price points that a user may need within these two categories. In addition to this, UltraProlink also offers a range of products in the ‘Enhancements’ category that enhance device usage, such as mounts, holders, cleaners, and surge protectors.

What are the unique key differentiators of your brand and the product range?

UltraProlink sets itself apart by providing the latest technology at affordable prices, all while ensuring that its products are backed by a brand warranty and an assurance of delivering on its promises. The brand guarantees that its products are compatible with various devices and comply with international quality standards. Customers view UltraProlink as an affordable tech brand that offers the latest features at great prices, and its premium products are available at major Apple chains in India as part of the MFI program. The brand’s daily essentials are available at large chains and independent gadget stores. UltraProlink also adds value to its channel partners by offering training to their teams for higher productivity, assisting with customer acquisition, and improving the overall return on investment for their business. The brand has recently begun offering channel finance to its distributors as well.

Is the brand focusing on traditional offline channels of partners and distributors, or on becoming a D2C brand for market expansion?

To answer your question, UltraProlink has a strong foundation in traditional offline retail and our distribution network is robust. We have a good-better-best approach to our product offerings within each category, catering to various price points for different customer segments. Our brand is currently available in over 5000 retail stores, including major gadget stores in top cities, Apple Premium Resellers, large chains such as Croma and Reliance. We also have a presence on major e-commerce platforms, where we actively promote our brand to their customers.

How is UltraProlink differentiating itself from the competition in the highly competitive devices market?

UltraProlink has implemented various innovative strategies to gain an edge over the competition. Firstly, we aim to offer the latest technology at affordable prices, all backed by a brand warranty and an assurance of ‘works as promised.’ Our products guarantee device compatibility and safety and match international quality standards. Additionally, we offer an extended warranty program for end consumers who register their purchases with us. We also provide regular training and insights on selling techniques and business growth for our channel partners. Our aim is to add value to all touchpoints, providing a unique and differentiated experience for our customers and partners alike.

How is the brand working towards the government’s “Make-in-India” push?

UltraProlink has been able to move around 50% of its sourcing to India within just two years, thanks to the increasing capabilities of Indian manufacturers. We have also developed products that are specifically designed for Indian use-cases and conditions. While innovation in technology may not be originating in India yet, we are optimistic that this will change soon. We are proud to be contributing to the “Make-in-India” initiative by sourcing and developing products locally.

Can you describe your plans for product launches and initiatives in 2023?

UltraProlink plans to maintain its healthy growth rate of 30% YOY for the next year and is seeking strategic alliances that align with its brand philosophy. The company has moved a significant portion of its contract manufacturing to India for its staple range, reducing its dependence on imports. In the upcoming year, the brand will focus on increasing online visibility, collaborating with influencer communities, and participating in offline events. The sales contribution from e-commerce is expected to grow, and the brand plans to expand its reach to untapped markets within India.

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