Corvi LED Lightings Review

Corvi LED Light

Good Looking and Reliable Performer

Corvi is a Mumbai based consumer lighting start-up, has a strong credentials in sophisticated and innovative product design.The key highlight of Corvi products is its adoption of SSD (Solid State Device) technology which gives it an edge over other LED makers as it requires zero operational cost. Corvi follows minimalistic design culture and offers higher light output of light against per per watt power consumed.

Corvi got investment of $10 million from Sunil Kant Munjal of Hero Enterprise. This investment will certainly boost Corvi’s intelligent product range and market presence.

Product Range:

The Corvi LED Bulb

Corvi has a wide product range like bulbs, downlights, surface lights, tube lights, spot lights and outdoor lights. The Corvi LED Bulb comes in 7 watts of power and offers an output of 1050 Lumens and maintains a power factor of more than 0.97 thus ensuring no energy wastage.It also maintains a UGR value below 19, which reduces glare causing discomfort the eyes. Corvi LED Bulb comes with a lifetime warranty with ana asking price of Rs 99/-.


Corvi Downlights:

Next in Corvi’s portfolio is the range of Downlights that range from 6W to 36W which comes in 900 Lumens to 5400 Lumens.

Corvi Surface Lights:

It has different product range in this segment that starts with 6W with 900 Lumens, 15W with 2250 Lumens, 20W with 3000 Lumens and 36W with 5400 Lumens.

Corvi Tube Lights

Corvi also has tubelights that starts from 6W with 900 Lumens, which also includes 12 W 1800 Lumens, 15 W 2250 Lumens and 20W with 3000 Lumens. However all Corvi tubes can be linked to each other as per requirement

Corvi Spot Lights

In the spot light segment it has over 10 different products that starts from 6W 900 Lumens to 24 W 3600 Lumens.

Corvi Outdoor Lights

Corvi also offers outdoor lights that starts from 6W 900 Lumens to 50W 7500 Lumens.

Look and Feel:

We got a chance to review the Corvi Surface Lights, Downlights as well as the Corvi Tube Lights. First thing that we liked about the all the Corvi products is its simple but practical design philosophy. And clearly justified why most of its products got the Red Dot Awards for design. The build quality of Corvi lights are exceptional, extremely small and compact and lightweight. installing a Corvi LED Light is easy and simple. Its simplicity lies in the design prowess where all lights have a simple plug-n-play feature and doesn’t even require any false ceiling. The mount hole in this light will match the two screw positions in normal electrical fixture point. This will fit flat over the electrical point after mounting. If required this can be fixed with drill holes in wall or ceiling. There is small notch for connection wire to come from the side/top if required. Works well for any indoor use.

Corvi LED BulbPerformance:

Feature that set the Corvi lights apart from its competitors is that it sets an industrial benchmark with 150 Lumens Per Watt* making it an exceptionally brilliant and energy saving product that gives you high power savings. Efficiency is the ratio of work done to energy used. In terms of lighting the work done is expressed in Lumens and the energy used in Watt.Self-contained design provides for zero operational maintenance. High quality input through selection of raw material and components ensures problem free operation throughout the product life cycle.The brightness of this lights are according to our expectations. Best part about these lights is, it illuminates even from its corners unlike other surface lights which act as point light most of the time. Every Corvi product carries dimming function as a standard feature. It allows you to save energy and gives you the facility to choose a light ambience suiting your mood. All the Corvi LEDs comes with lifetime warranty that gives you around 25000 burning hours which is approximately 7 years.

Verdict: Corvi LED lightings are packed with style and unmatched performance, features like 150 Lumens per watt,unmatched lifetime warranty, zero maintenance,rust proof, maintenance free,fluctuation proof, inbuilt driver makes it a obvious replacement for your bulb or if you are looking to change our light fittings with a durable long lasting solution.

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