Crafted with Technology, Emotion and Design, Nu Republic is here to disrupt the lifestyle technology space

Ujjwal Sarin

Nu Republic has been pushing the boundaries of audio technology in the fast-moving consumer electronics (FMCE) space for 5 years now, and with their philosophy of integrating technology, design and emotion together to deliver a bold and funky experience to its consumers, they have a lot to talk about. We spoke to the Founder & CEO of Nu Republic Mr. Ujjwal Sarin to find out what lies ahead for the brand.

What are the latest trends for 2023 and how do you see Nu Republic leveraging these to create compelling products for your consumers? 

One of the major trends that we see happening in 2023 is the increased reliance on AI – Artificial Intelligence. We have already seen headphones, true wireless earphones and even smartwatches focus increasingly on touch controls and voice-assistants. We believe that in 2023, AI would become increasingly common-place with it being able to predict what kind of songs you’d like to listen to, depending upon your moods, tastes and state of mind. 

NU-Republic-Sachin VarshneyTo capitalize on this trend, Sachin Varshney, our CTO and the technology team is currently brain-storming on the various ways we could integrate this into our ever-expanding portfolio of true wireless earphones, neckbands and headphones to deliver an even more immersive experience to our users.

What is your opinion on the emergence of Metaverse and Virtual Reality? Do you see that happening within the audio electronics space as well? 

Metaverse, as a concept, is very exciting in itself – the idea that the entire internet can be a single, collective consciousness of millions of people logged into it presents tremendous opportunities, not just for the audio industry but for the entire world. I think that, for the audio industry, we would soon see consumers of each brand being able to interact with each other in a virtual setting and being able to do just about anything that they would do, in the real world, and not be bound by any physical limitations.

What were some of the unique technological developments in the audio lifestyle space that were introduced by Nu Republic, in the past? 

Some of our technological advancements include X-Bass which delivers powerful bass for a chest-thumping experience to the user. Starboy 3 was our first headphone to include an X-Bass switch which meant you could switch between the normal and the enhanced bass with just a touch.

Rouserbuds 2 were also the first earbuds to feature LED lights on the charging case, making them truly attractive and note-worthy.  

Our power accessories portfolio is powered by our cutting-edge Powerblitz technology to deliver fast charging, stable current speeds, and overheat protection, making them reliable, safe and lightweight. 

One last question, how do you feel about the future? What do you think lies on the road ahead? 

I feel very optimistic about the future. These are very exciting times, as an individual and for the company, as a whole. The kind of advancements that we are seeing are commendable and seeing how technology is moving at an unstoppable pace, it gives me great pleasure to be able to leverage it and push our boundaries further to create never-before-seen experiences for our consumers. 

I am confident that we would be able to stand-out from all the other technological brands in the market when it comes to delivering something that is bold and funky. 2023 and beyond has very exciting prospects in store for all of us!

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