Elista Established Great Brand Presence Among Consumers and Across Channels


Elista is a Consumer Electronics brand that aims to be the face of world class innovation in India started in 2020.  All the products are manufactured in India for the world, and this is just a small step in the direction of ‘Atam-nirbhar’ Bharat *. Elista brings wide range of products that are birthed from the vision of leaders or who have 150+ years of experience and are veterans in the industry. In addition to having a strong manufacturing base, the brand sport a strong distribution track record in over 25 countries and are backed by the very prestigious TeknoDome group. Elista’s dual purposes of going ‘vocal for local’ and creating job opportunities in India. Within just a year the brand strives for uplifting lives and making  mark in the world as a truly Indian brand.

In interaction with our Editor in Chief, Jayanta Ghosh, Mr. Pawan Kumar, CEO, Elista gives some insights about their upcoming launches and market overview on AV consumer products.

 What according to you are the latest trends in the audio segment?


Today the market has shifted from the traditional home theatre and its standard features, which was small in sizes and people only looking for USB and Bluetooth connectivity as preferred features, but now they want more out of their home theatres, so more demand on battery backup, big sound and big size, wireless and also flexibility to move it around the house. So, demand for trolley speakers, party speakers with good battery life and jazzy lights are in a huge demand. We have also launched 2.1 & 4.1 tower speakers and will be expanding our audio products in the next couple of months.

Also tell us about your assessment on the TV market in India.

The normal TV market has shrunk dramatically and clocking around 5 to 7% in the market as the demand of Smart TV has increased even in the Tier 3 Tier 4 cities. Seeing this transition, we have also ramp up our smart tv segment also as per our assumption people will buy smart TVs by looking into its specification and features as the way they buy their smartphones now. We at Elista offering Smart TVs from 24 to 75 inch, and beyond 50 inch segment we are providing more storage and RAM for seamless experience for our consumers.

Another big highlight about Elista TV’s that they are coming with Dolby Digital sound and Zoom calling facilities and also you can download WhatApp , so our consumers can use their TVs  not just for entertainment but also perfect devices for the work from home culture.

What are the factors leading to increase of product pricing?

So many factors are responsible for sudden increase of product pricing in various segments.

  • Open cell price increased around 100% and freight charge.
  • High demand during the covid situation affects highly the global supply chain for chipsets, results in         increased price of poducts and shortage may continue for several quartz.
  • Amount or degree of competition in your market
  • Government regulations.
  • Domestic or international transportation.

Elista’s Distribution network and brand presence

Our distribution network is also growing day by day and recently concluded a major event at Silvassa where more than 100 dealers celebrated our journey and launched many new products like semi-automatic washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, home theatres etc. We have got good responses from them.

We are planning for another meet in Tamil Nadu this month and inviting all our southern region.

We have established ourselves well in south India, west and east Indian region, though we are doing good business in north India too, but we have wider market in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Odisha , North-east and Maharashtra.

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