Epson conducts raids of counterfeit ink and ribbon cartridge manufacturing units in Mumbai and Chennai


In an effort to curb the sale of counterfeit ink bottles and ribbon cartridges and to protect the rights of its customers, Epson has recently increased its vigilance with regard to the manufacture and sale of counterfeit Epson Ink bottles and Ribbon Cartridges. Based on the Epson vigilance team’s information, the police, in a swift and well-coordinated action, recently raided the premises of Retailers and Manufacturers of Counter Ink Bottles at West Bhandup (Mumbai), Chinthadripet (Chennai) and Sewree (Mumbai). These retailers and manufacturers were involved in the manufacture and supply of counterfeit Epson Ink bottles and ribbon cartridges in Mumbai, Chennai and surrounding areas. The manufacturers of the Epson counterfeit Ink bottles and ribbon cartridges were arrested and charged under the prevailing laws of the land with counterfeiting and violating intellectual property rights and subsequently remanded to judicial custody. Large quantities of finished and unfinished cartridges, packaging materials, and numerous sets of labels and holograms have been seized. The seized materials are worth more than 2 million rupees.

A spokesperson at Seiko Epson Corporation said, “We acknowledge and applaud the effort of the police in Mumbai and Chennai to curb this menace. We will actively assist and support the law enforcement authorities in such crack downs.” He went on to say, “Epson takes great care to observe the law and regulations, and to maintain high standards of corporate ethics while at the same time expecting others to show appropriate respect for its rights. We will continue vigorous enforcement of our intellectual property rights to protect our innovative products against those who use Epson’s patented technology, trademarks, and other intellectual property without permission.”

Seiko Epson Corporation says it will continue to protect its interests and to protect the business of its authorized dealers in the future through such raids.


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