Focusing on Reliability, Cost, Easy to Purchase Policy and Strong Retail Strategy, “Anker ” is now the most preferred brand across India.


Anker Innovations houses five brands under its umbrella, and going strong to become the market leader in all the five categories.

Device Next caught up with Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj Head India and SAARC for Anker Innovations, to know more about Anker Innovations journey and its product expansion plans in India.

Founded in 2011, a brainchild of Steven Yang – a former Google employee, Anker was soon established as an innovator and market leader in intelligent charging solutions.  With the objective of bringing affordable, high quality consumer electronic goods to the market, Anker has built a strong presence for itself in more than 100+ countries including USA, Canada, Germany, France and many more. Initially, Anker was predominantly an online brand, but later we started focusing on global offline channels too. We now have the leading market share in a majority of the countries we operate in. Our distributors and channel partners help us in controlling any grey channels and drive our business growth. Our major strength behind our growth is our consistent investments in R&D to make products focussed more on innovation and technology rather than focusing on matching prices with the competitors.

Inception of Anker India


Anker started its journey in India from 2017. Anker is present at Pan India Level and has a vast distribution network. Our products are now available with all major channels in both offline and online. We have our presence in General Trade, Large Format Retail, Organized Trade and Ecommerce platforms. What sets Anker apart from the other brands is its reliability, cost and easy to purchase policy. We target all customer segments through our channel and aim to provide good quality and durable products at the most sensible prices. Anker today, is a well-established brand in India. Overall, India is at much faster growth rate due to the high adaption of Smartphones, low-cost data and huge consumer base. When it comes to technology adaption – Indian consumers evolve fast and adopt any new technology that interests them.

Product portfolio

Anker’s product portfolio is a manifestation of smart living lifestyle with products catering to Smart charging (ANKER), Smart Audio products (SOUNDCORE), Smart Portable Projectors (NEBULA), Smart Home Appliances (EUFY) and Smart Car products (ROAV). We have launched all five brands among the respective channels with the aim to maximize its presence across the Indian landscape. These are all-encompassing smarter solutions engineered to incorporate seamless lifestyle for our consumers. We are working towards ensuring our products are accessible across the length and breadth of the country. The main focus segment for now is for Soundcore and Eufy. We have launched a new range of TWS, Party Speaker & Neckband in Soundcore and we are coming up with a RoboVac ( Robotic Vaccum with Intelligent technology) in Eufy.

India Operations, Team, Roadmap & Distribution 

Our business model in India is mainly through our distribution partners that have helped us create a strong base in the market. Currently we have more than 4 major national distributors in India. Under national distributors, we have some distributors for each state, then for different cities. These distributors on the state level help us in going to the retail. So, it is national distributors, sub-distributors and then retailers. We focus on our strong retail strategy. We take care of our distributors and retailers, meeting all their expectations, which in turn helps us in competing in this price-sensitive market.

In online, we have our presence over Amazon India and Flipkart as well. Our biggest strength is keeping the prices same for the online as well as the offline channel.

Going forward

Anker Innovations is growing consistently in India as well as in more than 70 other countries. Our plans for 2020 and the coming future are to continue this growth rate within all 5 brands under Anker, by introducing technology driven, affordable products in the market. Our sales channel partners have been a strong support for our reach and market penetration in India.

Our next steps for growth are clearly focused on – new product extension, increase penetration in the existing markets and setting new channels of distribution. Currently we are focused on developing and launching several new products, especially under our brands – Soundcore, Nebula, Anker and Eufy, matching the current market dynamics. We will be bringing more devices and products that would offer the best of experience to the users. We would also work upon expanding our retail reach across the nation. Our focus will be on our line of power banks, unique portable projectors, Robovac for the Indian market.

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