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Fossil launches The Sustainable ‘Solar Watch’


Fossil is committed to making a positive social and environmental impact. In keeping with this commitment, we have given ourselves a goal to design and produce 100% of our products to meet our pro-planet criteria by 2025. Specifically, we want every product we make to include at least one sustainability-approved material and all of our primary packaging (i.e. the packaging you take home when you get a Fossil product) to be recyclable and/or reusable.

Our First Step: The Solar Watch

To celebrate this commitment, Fossil is proud to announce the Solar Watch. This solar-powered timepiece is the first step in our ongoing commitment to create products that are more sustainable and #MakeTimeForGood.


How Does It Work?

The outer ring of the watch case acts as a solar panel, capturing light and converting it to energy using a solar cell beneath the dial. It then stores the energy in a rechargeable battery that powers the movement of the watch. Once fully charged, the Solar Watch is expected to run for around 4 months before you will need to charge it again.

From Trash To Treasured

In addition to opting for a more sustainable, solar-powered movement, the Solar Watch comes equipped with five pull-through straps, which are made with yarn spun from approximately 16 plastic bottles (16oz). That is 16 fewer bottles in a landfill, or an ocean or a national park, and one step closer to a greener future.

Free Tree With Purchase!

We are partnering with EcoMatcher to plant a tree in honor of each person who purchases the Solar Watch. Wearers simply follow the instructions inside the Solar Watch’s box to name their tree, see where it is planted and track its CO2 performance!

EcoMatcher plants trees and forests with foundations that EcoMatcher vets. Through technology, EcoMatcher has full traceability and tracks every tree planted in great detail. Once you own a tree you can virtually travel to it to learn more about its location, species, level of carbon sequestered from the environment, and even the farmer who is taking care of the tree. With your purchase of the Solar Watch, you can go to and enter the serial number of your watch to claim your tree. 

The Solar Watch is globally available in a limited edition of 1,754 pieces for each size – 36mm and 42mm. Encased in a partially bio-based plastic case made from environmentally-friendly castor oil, this watch retails for INR 9,995.

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