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GetSetUp launches ‘Startup Accelerator Program’ for older adults


GetSetUp’s mission is to empower the community of adults over 55 years of age, through learning new skills and unlocking new experiences. Reflecting on 2021, the  accomplishments and passion for lifelong learning by the older adults in their community inspired something new – ‘GetSetUp Startup Accelerator Program’. Anyone above 55 years of age, with a business idea in food, arts and crafts, apparel and accessories, or coaching categories can apply.

For growing numbers of older adults, the best path toward finding meaning and money in the second half of life is by embracing entrepreneurship. Deval Delivala – Cofounder & SVP at GetSetUp explains, “We want to support our community members who wish to become entrepreneurs. We already teach many classes that help members with different aspects of running a business, like marketing, social media, technology classes, and financial planning. It does not matter whether you are just starting, have already established a business, or have nothing but an idea written down in your diary! If you are passionate about your vision and sharing it with others, we are looking for you.”

Candidates who comply with all requirements will be invited for a video call interview. GetSetUp will select 20 participants for the program. Participants will partake in a demo day to present their final business or service to a team of three experts. Two business ideas will be selected for financial support at the end of the program. All participants will receive free coaching and support during the duration of the program.

For the first cohort of entrepreneurs in 2022, GetSetUp is accepting applicants in four categories:

  • Food and food-related businesses 

  • Training and coaching ideas 

  • Apparel and accessories business ideas ( like starting an online store ) 

  • Arts and crafts

Program details:

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: Online program 

Application fee: This program is available for free to all GetSetUp current and future members.

Last date of application: February 13th, 2022

One should join the program if they are:

  • Passionate to start, grow, or scale your current business 

  • Interested in making a difference in your local communities with a product or service 

  • Interested in converting your hobby into a source of income

To be eligible, one must: 

  • Be over the age of 55.

  • Show that you are a resident of the country you are based in. 

  • Have a business idea or plan 

  • Members of the GetSetUp community. If you are not currently, you can join the community

  • You can devote 10 hours per week going through the online material, completing your assignments, and attending the live sessions

Application process:

Fill out the application form online, including the following information:

  • Tell us about the business or business idea.

  • Tell us what help you require to get started or grow your business.

 Deadline: First stage applications need to be completed by February 13th.

More information:

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