GoDaddy adds Instagram integration to Websites + Marketing


Social media is an essential part of every company’s 2021 playbook for success. With their massive reach, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter help small business owners increase brand awareness, connect and engage with customers, and increase sales. Now, GoDaddy makes creating, posting, scheduling, and tracking your company’s social media easier and more efficient than ever, freeing up more time for entrepreneurs to focus on their core businesses.

 Within Websites + Marketing, you can now publish your posts directly to Instagram and keep track of the comments and views. Scheduling posts for the future is just as easy and allows you to create a steady stream of engaging content even when you’re offline. The dashboard offers content suggestions to help you stand out in your customers’ fast-moving feeds, which may mean the difference between getting noticed and being ignored. 

The integration makes GoDaddy among the few to offer direct post publishing to Instagram, enabling entrepreneurs to easily create and manage all of their social media sites from one place.

Prakhar Saxena, a gardener and plant enthusiast turned entrepreneur – Founder of Kyaari, a small scale plant decor store, dedicated to growing special plant species for public parks, offices, and restaurants; started his business as an Instagram page and soon shifted to an online website to attract more customers and gain authenticity and credibility for his venture. He believes that “both website and Instagram presence are highly interconnected and crucial to help manage and thrive a business, especially in today’s new normal digitally connected world. While social media helps me share real-time updates with my customers on any new and existing products, my store, or any gardening project that I’m doing; my business website helps me easily manage the purchases.” He further adds “I’m super excited to try GoDaddy’s new Instagram integration to websites, which will not just help save time, but will also schedule posts in a coherent manner, without losing on the followers”.


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