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gogoBus is building one of its kind TAAS platform to help fleet owners with its connected app-ecosystem


Intercity bus market in India is a whopping $20 bn in size and is growing faster than ever. Today more than 400k buses are not only helping more than 15mn Indians daily to reach their destinations but also providing livelihood to millions of unemployed youth of India. Although the market is big this sector, due to its highly fragmented nature and lack of access to end-to-end connected technology is struggling. gogoBus is building one of its kind TAAS platform to help fleet owners with its connected app-ecosystem coupled with real-time data insights to manage their daily operations seamlessly and maximise revenue while ensuring right consumer experience always. Jayanta Ghosh, Editor In Chief, DeviceNext interacted with Avinash Singh Bagri & Amit Gupta, Co Founders of gogoBus

How gogoBus is unlocking the next stage of intercity bus travel with the help of technology.

gogoBus is an inter-city bus platform focusing on democratizing access of end-to-end technology to fleet owners while connecting consumers across India.
We started in January’2020 and since then our journey has been really exciting right from moving single passenger on its maiden journey from Kanpur to New Delhi to running buses at 100% occupancy in less than of 3 months, when COVID stuck.
Interestingly, COVID helped us in a positive way to re-align our product-first Go-To-Market strategy while building connectivity for Bharat. During this period, we also did one strategic acquisition in Jharkhand, a blue ocean territory.



How are you Improving the safety of workers and travellers by leveraging tech to optimize vehicle live location with in house security features.

Till date bus space is the most neglected part of our transport system. The way our bus ecosystem works is still very traditional and I believe that the integration of technology is the only thing that can set intercity bus mobility in India apart. The visibility, accessibility and ease that technology can bring is what we need today. The chaos of this unorganised market can be dealt with the help of technology. We have a conglomerate of apps designed to empower each leg of bus transportation.

Once we are able to bring the traditional operators and agents on a tech platform, the face of bus service in India will change.

Consumer App: Consumers can easily search and book on gogoBus app, available on Android & IOS gogoBus app.
Swami App: An app dedicated for operators that helps them manage all its consumer booking & boarding and P&L on real-time basis.
Sarthi App: Drivers app for contactless boarding of passengers. It keeps in check any type of unauthorised boarding, and also is a great platform for live route tracking.
Sathi App: An exclusive agents app designed specifically for digitising offline bookings.
Mitr App: Helper / Attendants app to manage consumer grievances.
Sanchalak App: Admin app for top-level view of overall daily operations

Driving financial Inclusion to Bus operators by uncomplicating access to technology so they move their buses seamlessly.
Financial inclusion through data is providing real-time insights to our bus operator-partners, which eventually help them in minimising their runway to reach break-even occupancy at every trip level. Our unique platform, also assist stakeholders to solves the problem of information asymmetry via technology.

We are building a brand that you can trust.

Positive climate action by introducing and solidifying sustainable practices in the intercity travel ecosystem.

To contribute towards sustainable future, gogoBus is planning to introduce a fleet of electric Buses on our platform. We are in advanced talks with few OEM’s for the same. Along with the future plan, currently we are providing contactless and paperless boarding and ticketing and digital luggage tagging among other features.


Current presence and growth
Post first lock-down relaxation, we commenced our operations in eastern parts of the country. We were growing at a healthy pace on month-on-month basis, when second wave caused a temporary halt of our services again.

Since, we resumed our services in July’2021, we are observing growth of 200% on month-on-month basis and with this pace we are targeting to reach 100+ cities in next 3-5 months.
Also, we are working towards having 5000+ buses with 20% electric buses fleet in next 5 years on our platform to build a sustainable mass transit platform

How it is better than its competitors

gogoBus platform is built on smart and intelligent route engine, which suggests the best route based on demographics, alternate connectivity options and frequency. The idea behind building gogoBus, is to build a trust-based marketplace to solve for regular intercity travel needs of Bharat.

What kind of added advantages gogoBus providing for consumers?

Connected mobility is the future and we at gogoBus are extensively working towards bringing every aspect of bus mobility under one single platform. We are building a brand that you can trust.

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