Hirect is designed to serve as a rapid entry point for both job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Hirect is a mobile-first chat-based direct recruiting platform developed for high-growth start-ups and SMEs. It links job seekers with startup leaders directly by eliminating the need for an intermediary and vice versa. It enables one to recruit talent at any location worldwide. Hirect intends to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process by using AI technology to deliver a constant and exact match of job and talent based on a multitude of user data. The vision of Hirect is to connect India’s startup ecosystem with great human talents within a day and at a very nominal cost.
Hirect’s Global Co-Founder and India CEO Mr Raj Kumar Das, an IIT Bombay alumnus with an interaction with Jayanta Ghosh, Editor-in-Chief, DeviceNext explained about Hirect platform.
What it’s all about and how Hirect is different from others in the market?
Hirect is a tailor-made platform for start-ups and SMEs. It assists with the direct hiring of the right candidates without the need for intermediaries or consultants. It aids in the recruitment of talent within a day and at a very minimal cost.
Posting a job advertisement, waiting for individuals to apply, shortlisting applicants based on their applications, scheduling calls with them and then begin the interview process is all part of the conventional procedure. This takes at least a week to complete. Cutting out everything Hirect stands out in the hiring market with its unique and distinctive features like chatting directly with the decision-makers of the company.
The recruiter will have the access to the talent pool in no time after logging into the application. It enables the fastest possible hiring with assured privacy at anytime anywhere with its easy to use the mobile application. Start-ups can easily schedule interviews directly without navigating to any other platform with its unique voice and video calling features. The instant notification allows both the recruiters and job
seekers to know about any recent job matching or new job posting directly from the platform. Most importantly, the AI-powered matching algorithm helps companies find the right talent within no time with 100% privacy protection.
How Hirect is detecting employment scams using AI?
Hirect is designed to serve as a rapid entry point for both job seekers and entrepreneurs. Hirect believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) alone is not sufficient to detect employment scams, it is possible with the mixture of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.
Hirect is eliminating the employment scams by detecting the contradictions in the data to look for fraudulent behaviours, identifying suspicious job posts or profiles. It has been taking crucial steps to ensure the safety and security of its users by doing manual verification, and validation of the companies and recruiters through authorised documents, tracking behavioural patterns of each recruiter with the use of AI.
Hirect does the correlation analysis of information provided by the recruiters also, track and reviews a list of keywords such as Money, Rs. XXX, Payment to ensure the integrity in the hiring process. The “Report” feature in the application assures that the platform is free of spam and scams.
What has been your experience of solving the job crisis in one of the worst phases of mankind?
Start-ups have emerged as key drivers of economic growth and job creation, and are often a catalyst for radical innovation, but the COVID-19 pandemic is restricting their formation, putting their survival at risk, and limiting their expansion. Business registrations have been dropping significantly in recent months, and the absence of a new generation of businesses has important ramifications for economic growth, particularly on employment.
Even though the covid 19 pandemic has been one of the worst phases of mankind, Hirect was launched during the pandemic with an aim to assist the victims of downsizing, layoff, and even furloughs from the beginning itself, the firm was effective in putting individuals in leading startups throughout the country. Hirect is a perfect example of AI integration in the recruiting sector for faster, efficient, and painless hiring. Every day, the system improves and properly matches job descriptions to appropriate profiles. With its hassle-free, chaotic-free, transparent, and time-efficient system, Hirect is emerging as one of the leaders in the hiring industry.
Till now Hirect has managed to gather 50,000 plus companies that offer 2,00,000 plus jobs despite the pandemic.
How digital hiring platforms are revolutionizing the industry?
Digital hiring platforms have been a game-changer for employers and job seekers alike. Hiring is a long, exhaustive process. This pain point is felt by both recruiters and job seekers. Since finding the right candidate can be such a long, drawn-out process, it often results in recruiters not being able to hire fast enough or losing interest in candidates that are not a great fit. But with the help of modern and advanced
technology like Artificial Intelligence, Hirect is disrupting the hiring process by removing the consultant in between and allowing direct chat between the recruiters and job seekers, making the process efficient than the existing one.
Currently, digital hiring platforms are using advanced technologies to break the hiring process down into a series of measurable parameters and tasks. This allows recruiters to assess, rank and shortlist candidates in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. The transformation of the industry has also been attributed to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as machine learning, which can ensure the sustainability of the solution by learning and upgrading it in a dynamic environment.
With the use of technological advancements, recruitment will become easier and more efficient for employers. With the help of recruitment technologies, the digital hiring platforms will be able to scan resumes, applications, and other data to rank candidates in order of their suitability for an available position.
Please share future plans for the brand?
Hirect’s future plan includes expanding to Tire 2 and Tire 3 cities of India with a major focus on bolstering the country’s startup hiring scenario and is currently focused on spreading its wing to different functional and industrial recruitments sectors. Hirect will continue to strive to be the best hiring industry with its chat-based user-friendly direct hiring platform, helping millions to get their dream jobs swiftly and securely.
“In the near future, we will be expanding our footprint to various countries as well as we will offer additional employment categories across industries and sectors,” said Mr Raj Kumar Das, the global Co-founder and India CEO.

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