HiVoco launches First Voice-Tech enabled Panchantra series on Covid Preparedness


HiVoco, India’s First Voice-Tech Education & Learning App has launched World’s first Voice-Interactive Stories Series for Children – Panchtantra Interactive. Panchtantra Stories for teaching kids about Covid Appropriate Behaviour in a unique combination of child psychology & pandemic science. With the 3rd wave of the current pandemic expected to affect kids upto 15 years the interactive stories will guide younger kids to embrace good hygiene habits in a mission-critical way by REASSURING them, EDUCATING them, giving them a POSITIVE ROLE in the household.

The Panchtantra interactive stories include Self Hygiene practices which are medically prescribed including washing hands periodically, using hand-sanitizers, using disinfectants, wearing masks along with mental & emotional well being. HiVoco is also focusing on creating a bank of popular stories from mythology, history and science to build a “Values Based Learning” And apply the 5W1H model in storytelling so that a child gets a 360 degree view of the matter.

HiVoco is a first of a kind 2-way audio interactive platform where the best teachers and story-tellers around the world provide interactive content and quizzes to children of 4-10 years of age. HiVoco (Voco stands for Voice Companion), is a platform where students learn from over 5000 questions, lessons and stories. The app uses multiple voice-tech tools through its proprietary technology developed for high quality audio content delivering life-like conversations. HiVoco is globally KidSafeTMCertified. The company aims to have at least 80% of the content available for free use throughout so that every child has an opportunity to access high quality content & conversational learning with the philosophy of #TechForGood.


HiVoco was founded by Pritesh Chothani who is a marketer by experience with the DNA of an entrepreneur, Pritesh’s varied experience and his future-forward approach exposed him to some exciting and cutting-edge technologies that led to the inception of HiVoco. With over 15 years of sales & marketing leadership roles in leading global corporate brands including Coca-Cola India, Whirlpool of India, Dunkin Donuts, Godfrey Phillips India and Radio Mirchi, he brings in rich experience of building winning teams & winning brands

Speaking on the campaign launch Founder Pritesh Chothani said “Early education is all about conversations. The more they talk, listen and respond to these conversations, the more they learn. That is the core principle behind HiVoco. We want the best teachers & storytellers to engage children in a 1-to-1 conversation and in that explain the most complex stuff. With Panchatantra Interactive, we want the kids to be at the center of the stories. We want them to not only learn but also take decisions inside the story about Covid appropriate behavior. This is the world’s first voice-interactive story series for kids. This Panchatantra Interactive series is a great example of use of technology for mass positive impact.”

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