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Hohem launches the iSteady X Smartphone Gimbal


You might probably be aware of the high demand for mobile gimbal by video makers and professional camera operators, but do you know the reason behind this? Are you aware of the amazing features of the gimbal to experience some of its Pro advantages? Don’t worry if you didn’t get to see them yet. This write-up will surely help you to explore some common features of Hohem iSteady X.

As it is said before that numerous features contribute to making the iSteady X as the leading gimbal in the industry. Herein, you can include stabilizing quality, 3 axis system, ultra-light weight, easy to use and flexibility as the highlighted features. Let’s get some in-depth understanding of its features.

Stabilizing Quality Guarantee


Undoubtedly, high motion videos and shaky movements can destroy the content, especially if you are a smartphone user. That is why you need to have an advanced mobile gimbal to handle the shaky movements and get you the stabilized quality of the video. As you know that there is no guarantee to get smooth content with a simple handheld stick or with your bare hands. So, the best way is to use a good quality gimbal just like iSteady X and complete revolutionize the way you make videos. With iSteady X’s upgraded 3.0 anti-shaky stabilization and 3-axis system, it offers you a smooth result of any footage and let you say goodbye to shaky videos.

So Light, So good

iSteady X is yet to face any consistent opponent when it comes to the weight and the variety of types. Yes, Hohem iSteady X is so far the world’s lightest 3-axis mobile gimbal with only 259 grams, just as light as smartphone. It’s designed as an ultra-compact gimbal with foldable feature which makes you easy to hand into a palm or put in the pocket and handbag.  Feeling excited about it? iSteady X will let you enjoy every moment with this small gadget anytime, anywhere.

Easy to learn, Easy to use

Due to the simple control buttons and App guide, even beginners can learn quickly on how to use the gimbal with few steps, and just one touch on button or App screen, you will directly get some cinematic shot and creative video templates.  Can’t imagine how easy is this?  For example, if you want to take a perfect rotation video, and you don’t need to do it manually.  Just choose inception mode on the app, and iSteady X will rotate automatically. It will let you experience a whole new way of playing and receive a simple and fun feeling of ‘hi-tech’.

More Flexibility

Other than a stabilizer, iSteady X could also be your selfie stick, a great helper for watching drama, live broadcast and Instagram Story videos. iSteady is more flexible than you think, and it can be used in many places.

So, if you want to create some amazing content or aspire to be a pro video maker then go buy the Hohem smartphone gimbal iSteady X . You will be amazed at how good it is and fall in love with this product.

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HOHEM Official website:

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