“How a product or service can make life easier for customers” – is the principle behind Lapcare’s success

Lapcare is the leading IT peripherals brand that is known for its affordable, innovative and consumer-oriented products. Catering to the needs of leading tech companies of India and meeting the demands of the consumers, the brand has build trust of its customers and expanded its presence pan-India. DeviceNext had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Mr. Atul Gupta, Managing Director, Lapcare, who discussed about the brand’s journey and shared insights on marketing and strategy to build the brand.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction:

Q Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey of building the brand

I started my career 24 years ago in 1998 with Rx Infotech. After establishing Rx Infotech, I launched Lapcare in India in 2004. For a long time, I thought I had to develop something that was never done before to be successful. While that is somewhat true, sometimes innovation can be pretty simple. Starting a business means answering a series of questions as they relate to turning an idea into a viable company. One key question that should always be asked, and answered, is how the product or service can make life easier for customers. Keeping this as a principle vision, Lapcare since its inception tried to take accountability to satisfy the inquisitiveness of the customer by offering unique solutions in the field of technology.

Q As a leader of the company, what are your top priorities for the brand today?

We knew that in the kind of industry we are in, we need a strong association of a pool of energetic, visionary, and tech-savvy employees who have an inclination towards technology. Since it is a concept that needs systematic fragmentation by providing superior supply and services, we found customer satisfaction as the best way to go ahead. Lapcare provides fast service as it resolves customer queries very quickly and within the committed time frame. The service provided by Lapcare is in line with the needs and expectations of the customer. More than a decade-long journey, the brand has ensured that it delivers high customer satisfaction. It has carved a niche in the market by strengthening its reach and having the best understanding of the market as well as the customers’ requirements. Lapcare has built a strong PAN-India reach and continues to fuel its efforts for contributing more towards the success of tech brands.

Q What is your mantra for building a successful brand?

Lapcare is taking many of the measures that they learned and observed over the last few years, on everything from offering streamlined supply, and continuous tech training, and fitting them into their processes so they can become an even stronger partner for its network. Over the years,

Lapcare has made many improvements to its strategy to enhance the overall experience. The secret mantra behind the success of the brand is simplicity. We at Lapcare try to simplify complex business processes like logistics, supply chain, branding etc. Also, we have set a benchmark in the technical service support domain by providing excellent services to the customers. Despite the competitive environment, Lapcare continues to grow and serve the leading tech brands in India.

Q How are you bringing innovation to the brand, both in terms of product technology and strategic marketing, to gain a competitive edge?

In today’s digital age, technology is driving human progress and the driving force behind technological growth comes with introducing disruptive ideas. Lapcare continues to be one of the market leaders in producing consumer tech, and innovation has a key role to play in this. Our R&D center has been instrumental in bringing about cutting-edge technology in our portfolio. Right from product idea, to product design or upgradation and then offering it at an affordable price, and thinking about the next product and technology trends, Lapcare offers products across 7 categories and 210 product lines. Supported by a wide dealership network of over 20,000 across the country the aim of Lapcare is to offer new technology at affordable prices so that it can reach maximum households.

Q Your advice to the budding entrepreneurs?

My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to avoid indulging in complex business processes, rather they should try to simplify such complex business processes which will not only help in smooth functioning of the company but will also lead to multi-fold growth. Starting a company is hard, growing one is very hard, and sustaining one is the hardest. Doing this day in and day out can be tiresome. Sometimes I feel like I’m not winning or getting anywhere. Many people celebrate the big wins, but what about the small wins?

In your short-term plan, identify small wins and celebrate. Avoid the notion that you have to land some fantastic, outstanding client or reach thousands of customers before celebrating. Rejoice over the first customer or transaction or over squashing a minor coding bug in a few days. Revel in the moment of pushing through three months.

Recognizing small victories can boost your morale and provide a surge of energy. They may alleviate the stress that can drag you down. Fun times help you recognize successes even if they aren’t earth-shattering. They provide you with the motivation to keep going.

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