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How Do You Take Care Of Smartwatch?

How Do You Take Care Of Smartwatch
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“Washing hands” regularly is an important part of personal hygiene, but what about the gadget on your wrist? everywhere you go, it goes, too. You probably also use it when your hands are dirty and while you’re out and about.

The coronavirus causing organisms can live on a smartphone / smartwatch for up to 4 days. Your smartwatch or wearable could also be a vector for disease, unless you clean it regularly. It is recommended that people disinfect their gadgets with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol of around 70% concentration, or with disinfectant wipes that contain the same solution. Rubbing alcohol kills most micro-organisms on contact, and then evaporates, leaving a clean and smudge-free surface.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Smartwatch


Your smartwatch also doubles up as a fitness tracker, communication device, and can even replace your bank credit and debit cards for contactless payments. Activities such as going to the gym, accepting calls, and touching payment terminals can contaminate your wearable. If you touch your watch without cleaning it properly, you could also be transferring the germs onto yourself.

The small micro-organisms that cause the flu and COVID-19 have been found to live on hard metal surfaces for up to three days, so cleaning everything regularly is important so as to avoid falling sick.

The Other Ways in which you Can Protect the Smartwatch


These gadgets have a tougher screen however, it is better to be cautious. We recommended to protect them from any scratch or bumps. It is better to place one tempered glass sheet on the watch face.

  • Make Sure that the BATTERY is Charged WELL

One of the most commonly observed problems with these devices is its battery life. It is very important that you pay attention to the charging time that you give and let it arrive at 100%. If the battery is not charged completely and correctly, it will show a progressive wear, reducing its usage time.


This accessory is initially not very attractive to the eye, but it’s effectiveness is indeed totally indisputable. The good thing is that these covers are usually not very expensive and are becoming more and more common. With them you will be able avoid stains on the straps and any kind of wear induced stains.


It is a true fact that some of the smartwatches are IP Certified waterproof, but not all have those characteristics. Therefore, if you are going to exercise or go to a pool or beach, you should better take it off. These places, as well as the steam rooms,  give off a lot of moisture /humidity and they could end up spoiling your smartwatch.


While wearing the smartwatch, we need to keep in mind the activity that  you are going to do. While these gadgets are usually sturdy, it is better not put them in harm’s way. If you are going to clean some place, carry heavy objects or something similar, it is better if you remove the watch and keep it in a safe place Sometimes it is possible that water, dust and grease will cause harm.




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