How ServeXplus Can Be Extended Arm For Brands Especially D2C Brands


Economic stress of doing business is one of the main driver for leading D2C brands to find ways to reduce costs, improve productivity, and integrate stubbornly diverse operating systems. At the same time, competitive pressures require these organizations to elevate quality, improve customer service, and create new, improved services.
Here ServeXplus comes to the aid of D2C brands They helped create proper streamlined business processes more efficiently and provided a focused strategy to build a competitive advantage. This results in cost savings for the company. ServeXplus are service experts and work with a high level of efficiency, help eliminate redundancy and lower the cost.

Vivek Gupta Founder, ServeXplus India Private Limited
7 Ways in which ServeXplus can be an extended Arm for D2C brands
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
    ServeXplus aims to enhance the process by cutting off uneconomical expenditures so as to increase the quality of work.
  • Focus team efforts on core business processes
    Most of the outsourced tasks are time-consuming, therefore it would affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. Professionals at ServeXplus can get the job done as quickly as possible so that the brand can focus more on its business.
  • Get access to world-class platforms, technology and services
    ServeXplus can enable the company to get access to its latest and the most advanced CRM without investing too much in software implementation and customization process. ServeXplus helps in providing the company a new mindset that in turn gives the brand a competitive advantage. It is proven fact that when sustainability and profitability work together, goals for impact and growth will follow.
  • Delegate functions that are difficult to manage and control
    The Brand can just dissociate for functions that are difficult to manage and control while acquiring benefits, thereby being free from all additional responsibilities once it has outsourced its business because they usually have much more subject matter experts.
  • Help company/brand reduce risk
    Investment done in business carries a certain amount of risk. But once outsourced to ServeXplus, it can help manage this risk for you not only can it help you minimize risk by sharing any associated risks, but it will also drastically reduce the company’s / d2c brands financial risk burden.
  • Realize the benefits of re-engineering
    Re-engineering focuses on improvements in the measures of performance, such as cost, service, quality and speed. ServeXplus helps brands to get a competitive edge through re-engineering of processes on the variables mentioned above
  • Gain access to new market areas/Market Expansion
    ServeXplus enables a business to delve into new markets and topologies where it would seek to expand. It plays the role of a bridge to newer markets. This is done by taking the points of service delivery closer to their consumers. In this way, the D2C brand is now capable of gaining access to new markets and establishing local presence ahead of your competitors.

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