How these Fitness Technology Apps ensures to keep you fit and healthy


No time to visit the gym? Don’t worry! These 4 apps will keep you accompanied to stay fit on your busiest days. From workouts to nutrition plans, these apps will help stay fit!


  1. fit – is a popular fitness app in India that offers a variety of fitness and wellness services. It is developed by, a health and wellness startup. The app provides access to workout classes, including yoga, dance fitness, strength training, and more. Users can choose from live sessions or pre-recorded workouts led by professional trainers. The app also offers guided meditation and mindfulness sessions for mental well-being. allows users to book fitness classes at nearby fitness centers and studios affiliated with It offers flexible membership options and allows users to track their workout progress, earn rewards, and set fitness goals within the app. Additionally, the app provides access to healthy meal plans and nutrition guidance to support users in their fitness journey.


  1. Alpha Coach – Alpha Coach is a fitness platform that combines an automated nutrition application with coaching from top fitness coaches & fitness creators. Users get free nutrition guidance which is personalized on the back of their lifestyle and goals. They can log over 18,000 Indian foods in the application, get access to the top coaches, be part of communities from their favourite coaches & influencers, and also be rewarded to get healthier. And, fitness coaches get all the tools to launch online fitness coaching under their own brand. They can set their own pricing, get a custom branded website, and be discovered by lakhs of users on the platform.


  1. HealthifyMe: HealthifyMe provides a range of features to help users achieve their wellness goals. It offers personalized diet plans, calorie tracking, and nutrition guidance to support healthy eating habits. The app has an extensive database of food items, including Indian dishes, to make tracking easier. HealthifyMe also offers fitness tracking features to monitor physical activity levels and provides workout plans tailored to individual goals and preferences. Users can track steps, distance, and calories burned using the app’s integrated activity tracker or by syncing with other fitness devices and apps. One of the notable features of HealthifyMe is its virtual coaching service, which allows users to connect with certified nutritionists, dieticians, and fitness trainers for personalized guidance and support. The app also offers challenges, community support, and goal tracking features to keep users motivated on their health journey.


  1. Fittr: Fittr is a community that focuses on providing personalized workout plans, nutrition guidance, and support for users looking to achieve their fitness goals. The app offers a range of features designed to assist individuals in their fitness journey. Fittr allows users to create customized workout routines based on their goals, preferences, and available equipment. The app provides exercise demonstrations and instructions to ensure proper form and technique. It also allows users to track their progress, set targets, and monitor their workout performance. In terms of nutrition, Fittr offers personalized diet plans and calorie tracking. Users can log their meals, track their calorie intake, and access a comprehensive database of food items to make informed nutritional choices. The app also provides access to certified nutritionists and dieticians who can offer guidance and support.

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