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HP reimagines its printing lineup to help the SMBs and emerging entrepreneurs

Sunish Raghavan HP India

Catering to the evolving needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for reliable, cost-efficient resources in all facets of their business, HP has launched an industry-first Laser Tank Print portfolio targeting value-conscious small & medium businesses. Reimagining its small business printing category, HP is furthering its commitment to build dedicated products and solutions to help SMBs with high-volume printing needs, enabling them to unlock innovation and rebound from the present challenges. We had the opportunity to interact with Sunish Raghavan, Senior Director, Printing Systems, HP India, who discussed about the company’s focus on the growing SMB segment and shared insights on the new line-up of HP’s printing solutions.

Here’s the excerpt from the interaction with Sunish Raghavan:

HP has been a market leader in India for printers. What is the secret to HP’s growth in the printing segment and how has it maintained a dominant position in this market?

Customer-focused innovations have helped sustain HP’s position in India’s printing market. Nearly every second printer sold in India is an HP printer. The recent IDC data for Q2 2022 shows that HP has maintained its leadership in the overall HCP market with a share of 43.8% with strong growth in the Inkjet and Laser segments.


Reflecting on the data, we see an uptick in printer demand owing to the increasing preference for hybrid culture coupled with demand for printers for education purposes and businesses. Based on consumer feedback, HP will continue to further build and excel in its innovation strategy to meet the rapidly evolving printing demands of our consumers.

What is HP’s outlook for the SMB market in India? How is it fostering growth and productivity for small and medium-sized businesses in India?

SMBs have been more severely impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic because of their relatively lower size, limited access to technology, and—most importantly—their challenges in obtaining capital. Understanding that SMBs are the foundation of the economy, HP started reimagining its small business printing category to identify areas where HP’s innovation and creativity could help them achieve their goals. According to HP’s global study on small businesses, more than 75% of SMBs believe that digital transformation will be crucial to their ability to recover from the pandemic.

SMB as a segment will be significant contributors to the growth of our economy. We at HP are developing specialized SMB-focused products and solutions to assist them in fostering innovation and overcoming current obstacles while they accelerate digitization and focus on reviving their businesses and growth. One such innovation was the introduction of our industry-first Laser Tank Print portfolio. This ground-breaking portfolio provides high-quality, low-cost printing for improved business efficiency.

How has HP Laserjet changed the paradigm of small businesses to facilitate their efficient growth while providing a seamless printing experience?

Our latest launch for SMBs is the HP LaserJet Tank portfolio designed for greater performance at affordable pricing. Since saving costs is a top priority for small to medium businesses, this game-changing technology offers the lowest cost per page for laser print. The idea behind LaserJet’s launch was to increase business efficiency in addition to saving time and money and giving exceptional quality.

Built to assist the SMB ecosystem and emerging entrepreneurs, with the new lineup, you may print up to 5,000 pages and obtain 5 times more toner output than you would with conventional printer cartridges. It comes with a 40-sheet auto document feed support and a 50,000-page long-life imaging drum to ensure consistent, exceptional printing, even with daily use. Moreover, it has also been designed keeping sustainability in mind which has a lesser impact on the pockets and the planet. HP LaserJet portfolio is equipped with enhanced functionality that works best with the HP Smart App, which enables you to print, scan, and share with anybody on the same network. We are confident that this innovative technology will simplify print management combined with advanced features offered by the portfolio.

What are the new technology advancements by HP in the printing segment?

As the work, learn and earn models are shifting towards hybrid, customers are looking for smart solutions to assist them to adapt to the more new-age methods. With a particular focus on customer needs and use cases for small to medium businesses and home printing, HP continuously innovates to create effective, economical, secure, self-sufficient, and easy-to-use printing solutions.

We have upgraded our product portfolio with advancements and innovations that make new printers smarter with advanced features, automatic updates, enhanced security, and much more. In the recent past, we have unveiled printers like HP Smart Tank in the category of low-cost home printing. We are enabling home users, jobbers, students, and small-to-medium businesses to benefit from high-quality printing with best-in-class new features thanks to these cost-effective improvements.

Additionally, ink and laser technologies are the focus of the most recent advancements in the home printing market. In the laser segment, HP’s new LaserJet Tank Printer portfolio is a unique package that offers affordability, self-reliance, and a hassle-free printing experience for high-volume printing needs.

What areas of focus does HP have for 2022? How does this year’s HP roadmap look like?

In order to meet the changing demands of our users across all segments, we are looking at expanding our focus on insights-based innovation and introducing product portfolios across all industries. We have a wide selection of products planned for the upcoming year that are sure to improve the experience for our users. We will keep working to give consumers access to advanced technologies that are user-friendly, and affordable, and improve business efficiency in terms of print demands.

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