HUAWEI Mate20 Pro tops DxOMark’s ubiquitous camera quality charts

HUAWEI Mate20 Pro

HUAWEI Mate20 Pro has been ranked as best camera smartphone, according to DxOMark Rankings, a trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements and ratings. Achieving highest DxOMark’s scores, the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro surpasses the scores of other top smartphones present. Having won multiple awards globally, it wasn’t a surprise that HUAWEI Mate20 Pro sits on top of the chart.

Achieving an overall score of 109 points, the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro sets a new benchmark for smartphone cameras on, outscoring other smartphones on the camera aspect by a significant margin. Building on the foundation of HUAWEI P20 Series’ camera system, Huawei augmented the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with a powerful addition—16mm Leica Ultra Wide Angle Lens. The Leica Ultra Wide Angle Lens lets you see and capture much more. I

This wider perspective creates a sense of spaciousness and a three dimensional effect to the images. The new camera system also supports macro distance, which produces crisp images of objects that are placed as close as 2.5cm from the lens. The added ultra-wide angle lens and macro support completes the feature set of the camera system, elevating it to a truly all-round camera that is ready to capture any and all action. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is equipped with a 40MP main camera, a 20MP ultra wideangle camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera. Together, the trio of lenses supports a wide range of focal lengths (equivalent to the performance of a 16-270mm zoom lens), enabling it to mimic the results from professional cameras.


With the inclusion of the ultra wide angle lens, HUAWEI Mate20 Pro supports video capture in ultra wide 21:9 resolution—the same aspect ratio used by cinemas worldwide. Compared with the regular 16:9 aspect ratio, a 21:9 resolution looks a lot more expansive, professional and movie-like. Whereas devices from other manufacturers crop the footage shot to achieve a 21:9 ratio, HUAWEI Mate20 Pro can adopt 21:9 resolution as its native capturing resolution, right from the start.

With the world’s first On board AI Kirin 980 processor and dedicated NPU, the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro Series automatically identifies more than 1,500 scenarios across 25 categories and selects photography modes and camera settings to deliver incredible, professional-looking images – even for amateur photographers. The new camera enables consumers to enjoy true macro performance without splurging for a dedicated macro lens. HUAWEI Mate20 PRo is the industry’s first smartphone to support macro photography, capable of focusing on an object as close as 2.5cm—exceeding even the capability of the human eye.

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