iGear launches ‘Goldie’ — A Vintage-Style Self-Charging BT Speaker with Radio and Emergency Flashlight


Indian gadgets and accessories maker iGear launches Goldie, a cute little vintage-style portable multifunctional music speaker system that’s designed for entertainment on the go. Featuring a large 1200mAh battery that can also charge directly using sunlight, the Goldie also has an inbuilt torch to be an emergency tool gadget when used outdoors.

iGear Co-founder Neha Sharma commented, “The iGear Goldie is a very cute wireless music system designed to be carried anywhere and anywhere. It is a great accessory for outdoor activities such as trekking and camping. Equipped with a 3-band radio and torch for emergency night use, it also features a solar charging option which is highly beneficial when you don’t have access to an electricity source. The Goldie is a superb gifting option for your kids too.”

Meet Goldie, a cute multifunctional and highly portable wireless music system from iGear. Goldie is built using a strong ABS Plastic enclosure and designed using a vintage-style look that brings back memories of the 50’s-style radios. Complete with a telescopic antenna and a handy strap, this speaker system is also designed for outdoor use.


The iGear Goldie features a powerful 5-Watt speaker system that produces great audio performance. Connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, MicroSD, and Aux-in are available so you can use the Goldie with almost all of your devices. There’s also a 3-band FM/AM/SW radio on board so you can tune in to the local terrestrial radio station for news and music. 

Powering the iGear Goldie is a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged using any conventional micro USB charger. And if you are using it outdoors, you can also recharge the batteries using direct sunlight. The rear panel sports solar cells simultaneously keep recharging the in-built batteries whenever there is bright daylight or direct sunlight. Lastly, a built-in emergency flashlight helps to keep you on the right track when you are out camping or trekking.

Available in a Gold and Black accent, the iGear Goldie is priced at just Rs 2,000, with a 1-year free replacement warranty, on, and

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