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iGear launches ‘Thermo Check’ – a Digital Wall-Mounted Contactless Infrared Thermometer


iGear, a very well-known and highly renowned Indian brand for Gadgets and Smartphone Accessories in India, is extremely proud to help eradicate coronavirus with the launch of ‘Thermo Check.’ The new fully automatic device is a contactless unmanned infrared thermometer that can be mounted on a wall or a tripod at the entrance of housing societies, offices, malls, schools, and many such areas.


Extremely pleased with the new covid-19-fighting device, iGear Neha Sharma Co-Founder said, “The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic may show signs of being under control, but we need to take precautionary measures to help flatten the curve completely. The iGear Thermo Check is a simple yet very efficient medical gadget that can help create a safe working, schooling, or shopping area and help control the spread of the deadly virus. With a Thermo Check device at every entrance, visitors, employees, students, and others can be safely screened from a distance before entering. This fully automatic infrared thermometer helps establishments avoid the exposure of infection to its security staff while keeping the premises safe from coronavirus.”


The iGear Thermo Check is a fully automated infrared contactless thermometer that can be mounted on a wall or a tripod, at the entrance of any premises that witnesses high volumes of people entering or passing through. Manual scanning of each person using a conventional handheld IR thermometer not only causes delay but also puts the security personnel at high risk of exposure to a possibly coronavirus-infected person. With Thermo Check, the visitor simply needs to scan themselves before entering and the device will instantly alert the establishment if there is a potentially infected patient at the entrance. Suitable and efficient to handle a continuous flow of people, the iGear Thermo Check is ideal for use in housing societies, hotels, restaurants, malls, clinics, schools, factories, offices, and many such areas.



The iGear Thermo Check is a simple, yet efficient medical gadget with a footprint the size of a video door phone. It sports a large, bright and crisp, LCD which is very easy and comfortable to read. It displays the current temperature of a person being scanned in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on the requirements by the establishment. A Laser beam with IR transmitters and receivers are built on the top where the patient/visitor simply needs to place his/her forehead at a distance between  1cm to 7cm. The device will instantly read the temperature and produce the results on the screen within 0.5 seconds and with a high accuracy rate of ±0.2°.


The measuring range is between 32°C to 43°C and the device is set to automatically show results depending on the scanned temperature. When it detects below 37.2°C, it beeps once and alerts with a voice “Normal Temperature”. When it detects between 37.2°C and 37.9°C, it instantly beeps and sounds an alarm, indicating “High Temperature.” And if the temperature is detected higher than 37.9°C, the device beeps thrice and notifies saying “Super High Temperature.” You can also choose between English or Hindi as the voice language using the instruction manual. With the help of the in-built beeps, and voice indicators, the establishment can be alerted about the person being scanned, and the management can then take control of the situation.                               


The iGear Thermo Check also includes a digital counter which reads and stores the number of people that have been scanned. The establishment can read the number of people entering the premises during the day/week/month at the click of a button. No personal data is stored. The thermometer weighs just 200g and can be mounted on a wall at fixed premises or on a tripod for make-shift areas that need to be screened. It operates on a built-in rechargeable battery and also can work using three AA cells or a power adapter using the bundled USB to power cable and is very easy to install, deploy and operate.


The iGear Thermo Check is a medical infrared thermometer for professionally measuring temperatures of the human body without any contact. It helps with an unmanned screening of potential covid-19-infected patients and creates a safe coronavirus-free environment. The iGear Thermo Check will be exclusively available for an introductory price of Rs.1990 on, and comes with a 1-year standard industry warranty period.

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