IKODOO launches Buds One and Buds Z- premium earbuds with 50 dB ANC

IKODOO-Buds One and Buds Z

IKODOO, a cutting-edge, new age consumer technology brand, has unveiled its first product globally in India. Their inaugural product line will comprise of two premium earbuds with 50 dB ANC, AI Environment Noise Cancellation, IKODOO Buds One and IKODOO Buds Z. The IKODOO Buds One will be available for INR 4,999, while the IKODOO Buds Z will be offered at a highly competitive price of INR 999. The products will be exclusively sold on Amazon India and will be available for purchase starting from March 31 at 12 PM  IST.

Introducing brand IKODOO, Tanmay Das, Vice President, IKODOO said, ”IKODOO, with core brand values of Technology, Art and Lifestyle, was born with a mission to popularise high-end audio technology and serve the younger generation who love music around the world. We are a truly global company with localised operations in India; our R&D and supply chain centre is in China and our Brand Marketing and Design Centre is in the United States. Furthermore, we have a very intrinsic partner- Vifa Sound, a leading sound brand, based in Europe. ”

IKODOO’s Truly wireless stereo, (TWS) ANC Earbuds offer industry-leading features and specifications that enhance the user experience with ‘superior sound and call quality’. IKODOO has partnered  with Danish sound technology brand Vifa Sound to unveil their flagship products, IKODOO Buds One and IKODOO Buds Z, in India. By integrating Vifa’s cutting-edge acoustic sound technology, IKODOO is launching its ANC Earbuds, which are designed to offer an immersive audio experience.


Talking about its premium Earbuds, Ken Lee, R&D Head, IKODOO said, “IKODOO Buds are a combination of design, technology and performance, thanks to the tireless efforts of our team that is committed to research, development and technological innovation. By creating and adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as 50 dB ANC, AI ENC and Wind Noise Suppression, we are offering perfect solutions to the impact of noisy environments on the quality of music and phone calls. So that users can enjoy a soothing melody and a smooth phone call, unaffected by all that sound and fury.”

IKODOO Buds One, the latest disruption in the TWS segment with an exquisite design, high-tech performance and full-scale features like  50 dB ANC, Wind Noise reduction and many more, will be priced at a delightful INR 4999/-. It comes with Bluetooth 5.2 for a stable connection, AI ENC and 3 mics for superior call quality, and 27 hours of battery life with wireless charging.

AI Environmental Noise Cancellation for the Clearest Call Quality

Whether in a noisy office or commuting via a busy road, IKODOO’s Environmental Noise Cancellation algorithm will give an immersive experience with every conversation. IKODOO’s latest Environmental Noise Cancellation algorithm allows the users to be in control of their audio and block all ambient noise. Built on a smart anti-wind technology, IKODOO Buds One simply blows away all the wind noise worries. With the Assistance of the intelligent level 7 anti-wind noise algorithm, IKODOO Buds One allows users to feel the carefree breeze blowing in their face, with only the moving melody in their ears.

Find peace in a noisy world with industry leading ANC 50 dB

IKODOO Buds One taps out of the chaos and makes surroundings disappear with IKODOO’s Active Noise Cancellation technology. It’s time to immerse oneself and savour a symphony of studio grade sound with IKODOO Buds One. Coupled with personalised ANC algorithms and lightweight diaphragms, IKODOO Buds One supports a peak noise cancellation depth of 50 dB, effectively cutting out stubborn noise from your ambient sound environment.

Recording Level Sound Quality experience with Vifa acoustic craftsmanship

The 13.4 mm large composite dynamic driver, the perfect combination of bass and treble, in IKODOO Buds One presents an excellent performance and extraordinary sound quality with breakthrough improvement. A true legacy of VIFA acoustic craftsmanship, the product is equipped with low-pitched sound enhancement technology and a clearly distinguishable triple-mode. All of these features combined make it possible for the device to help users achieve a balanced, recording-level sound quality experience which is rare to find in wireless headphones.

Keep track of your earbuds with Find My Buds feature on the app

Never lose track of your IKODOO Buds. The “Find My Buds” App feature can track the location of missing buds by triggering an alarm through the app on the smartphone. One can also track the charging case in the same way as long as it’s connected to bluetooth. With Find my Buds, one will never lose its groove!

Partnership with Amazon for an All India reach

IKODOO has joined forces with Amazon to broaden its online presence in India, providing consumers with greater access to its top-quality products. IKODOO Buds One and IKODOO Buds Z will be available on Amazon India from March 31, 12 PM onwards.

Commenting on the partnership, Ranjit Babu, Director – Wireless and Home Entertainment, Amazon India, said, “We are excited about the launch of IKODOO’s first product in India, the ANC earbuds. It promises to resonate with customers seeking superior performance, value and reliability. With this launch, we continue to build on our strong portfolio in the audio accessories category at, providing our customers with vast selection across price points and an unmatched shopping experience.”

IKODOO Buds ZPriced at an affordable INR 999/-, IKODOO Buds Z is the perfect economical earbud option. Despite the reasonable cost, these earbuds offer premium sound quality, a lightweight design, and AI ENC filters that effectively block external noise during calls. Users can enjoy an immersive experience with the three-dimensional soundstage effect. With a battery life of up to 28 hours and fast charging capabilities, IKODOO Buds Z is an ideal choice for on-the-go consumers who prioritise comfort and affordability. The IKODOO Buds Z will come in White, Black and Green colours and will be available on from March 31, 12 PM IST.

IKODOO’s Buds One and Buds Z come with touch controls for easy volume and track adjustments, as well as call management. With the IKODOO App, users can also personalise their sound preferences for a seamless audio experience in IKODOO Buds One.

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