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IKODOO’s VP Tanmay Das Talks Debut into Indian Market and High-End Audio Technology for Younger Generation


IKODOO, a premium audio technology brand, has made its debut in the Indian market with a focus on delivering superior sound quality through its innovative range of audio products. DeviceNext had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Tanmay Das, the Vice President of IKODOO, where he discussed the brand’s entry into India, its approach to problem-solving, and its vision to cater to the younger generation who love music around the world. With a passion for music and a commitment to innovation, Tanmay Das shares his insights into the future of high-end audio technology and the company’s plans to establish itself as a prominent player in the Indian high-end audio market.

Please brief us about the brand’s inception journey and its current market positioning?

IKODOO, with core brand values of Technology, Art and Lifestyle, was born with a mission to popularise high-end audio technology and serve the younger generation who love music around the world. Our flagship products, IKODOO Buds One and IKODOO Buds Z, are designed to provide superior sound and call quality. We believe that technology, art, and lifestyle are the core values that guide us in creating innovative products.

Our R&D and supply chain operations are located in China, while our Brand Marketing and Design Center is based in the US. We are now focused on expanding our business in India, where the demand for premium audio experiences is high. We believe that India presents a promising opportunity for us to showcase our quality and design to a new audience.

We plan to expand into IoT products in India and target Southeast Asia and North America by the end of 2023. Our ultimate goal is to provide innovative products that will enhance the overall audio experience, and we are excited about the future of IKODOO

Tell us about your debut into Indian market and the focused product categories?

We at IKODOO are thrilled to be making our debut in India, a country with a rich heritage of music and craftsmanship. Our focus is on providing innovative and high-end quality audio technology to the Indian market. Our first product category is Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) ANC Earbuds, and our flagship products are the IKODOO Buds One and IKODOO Buds Z.

Our earbuds are designed to provide a premium audio experience with features such as 50 dB ANC, AI ENC, and Wind Noise Suppression. We’re confident that these features will enhance the user experience with superior sound and call quality.

At IKODOO, we’re committed to delivering a premium audio experience to all music enthusiasts in India, and we’re already working on expanding our product line in the future.

How does the brand keeps innovating to bring new-age technology to its consumers?

At IKODOO, we’re passionate about providing the most innovative and high end-quality audio technology to our customers. Our partnership with Vifa Sound, a legacy brand with over 90 years of experience in acoustic technology is a testament to that.

A true legacy of VIFA acoustic craftsmanship, the product is equipped with low-pitched sound enhancement technology and a clearly distinguishable triple-mode. All of these features combined make it possible for the device to help users achieve a balanced, recording-level sound quality experience which is rare to find in wireless headphones.

But what sets our partnership apart is that we’re not just bringing any old technology to the market – we’re bringing new-age technology to this segment. By combining our expertise in product design with Vifa Sound’s acoustic sound technology, we’re able to create a product that is truly unique and innovative.

So if you’re looking for a premium audio experience that’s sure to impress, look no further than IKODOO’s ANC Earbuds.

What is the company’s approach for the Indian market?

India is a strategically important market in the audio end technology market. We’re excited to bring our innovative audio technology to Indian consumers. Despite the presence of established players in the market, we believe our approach to problem-solving sets us apart. Our focus on delivering superior sound and call quality through our TWS earbuds resonates with what consumers want today.

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