India’s First Passive Crypto Investment App Flint money, Opens its Waitlist for High Returns on Crypto without any Lock-ins

PLAYFIT FLAUN, India’s first platform providing passive exposure to crypto, which goes beyond just buying & selling coins, opens early access to this unique investment opportunity. The company offers simple diversification to crypto with returns of up to 13% per annum without any lock-in period. The early access will be available to more than 25,000 customers who can invest via simple INR deposits, which are converted to stable cryptocurrencies generating returns. One-of-its-kind platform, aims at making cryptocurrencies easy and accessible to everyone. Very soon, it will grow into a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to get exposure to a diverse set of assets in the crypto world.


The platform aims to solve the three biggest problems consumers face around the adoption of blockchain technology today: losing money due to price fluctuations, complex process to invest in innovative de-fi protocols and the absence of a consumer-friendly mobile application. converts the user’s deposited funds to only stable cryptocurrencies like USDT, USDC, etc., that are free from price fluctuations and abstracts out all the complexities for the customers via an easy-to-use mobile app. Users can click on ‘Join the Waitlist’ on the website (, where they need to submit basic details. As the platform provides the flexibility of no lock-in period, users can also withdraw their funds at any time without any fees.


Speaking on the launch, Akshit Bordia, Co-founder of, said, “We have found that sophisticated investors are not comfortable with gambling in the crypto market. They need passive exposure to crypto that can provide high returns at low risk without market fluctuations. With, they can now enjoy the upsides of the crypto markets but with the comfort of low-risk investments. Moreover, our users will also enjoy currency upsides as their investments are held in cryptocurrencies pegged to USD. As the dollar becomes stronger, their investment earns additional appreciation.”


Additionally, Anshu Agrawal, Co-founder of, said, “We are targeting close to 500 million users globally across various customer segments, who are crypto-curious, have idle cash or stable coins, and are chasing higher yields than conventional options. The best part is that achieves all of these for our users without them having to break their heads on active crypto trading or price movements. Our long-term vision is to become the primary app for the crypto forward generation across the globe, where users can earn high & stable yields on their cash as well as crypto assets at the same place. We want to acquire users with a high velocity between the ages 25-40 in tier 1 cities, who are already comfortable with mutual fund investments and are looking to diversify their wealth towards crypto without much effort.”


An integral part of achieving this vision is to democratise the power of crypto. Even today, Only a few people get to enjoy the financial upsides of the crypto world. The key to democratising is to provide access to everyone by making crypto easy and consumer-friendly. And the key to making crypto consumer-friendly is to bridge traditional finance with crypto. Think of a fintech frontend powered by crypto in the backend. In the future, it will welcome people from any country willing to deposit in any currency, or any stable coin, on any of their favourite networks.


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