Indochin – Fast Charging Expert: Leaders in Fast Charging Solutions

Indochin-Hemant Kumar

In the dynamic realm of India’s manufacturing sector, marked by technological dvancements and strategic market maneuvers, one company stands out for its specialization and innovation: Indochin – Fast Charging Expert. Similar to specialists in the medical field, Indochin has honed its expertise in fast chargers for mobile devices, distinguishing itself as a pioneer in this niche market.

For over two and a half decades, Indochin has dedicated itself to relentless research and development, continuously innovating to stay ahead of market trends. In the past six years alone, the company has introduced revolutionary products, ranging from the 20w Apple PD Charger to the 300w GaN Charger, catering not only to domestic demand but also establishing its global presence in the fast charging segment.

Indochin’s success can be attributed to its deep understanding that fast charging goes beyond mere wattage. It’s about precise wattage combined with coordinated protocols, a principle that Indochin has effectively demonstrated through its product offerings. This expertise has led to collaborations with over 80 renowned Indian and Middle Eastern smartphone brands, showcasing the company’s commitment to research, development, and customer satisfaction.


A strategic decision to maintain sufficient raw materials stock in India, ensuring a lead time of 7-10 days, further underscores Indochin’s responsiveness to market demands and dedication to customer service.

At the helm of Indochin’s journey is Mr. Hemant Kumar, Director of Operations, whose visionary foresight has propelled the company to the forefront of the fast charging industry. Since its inception in 2012, Indochin has been committed to redefining fast charging by providing advanced, tailored solutions that match the rapid pace of technological evolution.

Indochin’s comprehensive coverage of all fast charging protocols, including USB Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge, and proprietary technologies like SuperVooc and Warp, sets it apart in the market. The company’s product range, from flagship Apple PD/PPS chargers to innovative 125w Car Chargers, caters to diverse consumer needs across Indian, African, and Middle Eastern markets.

Quality and innovation are at the core of Indochin’s ethos. By prioritizing client needs and maintaining top-notch manufacturing standards, the company ensures consistent innovation without compromising excellence. Strategic collaborations with global industry leaders further enhance Indochin’s position as a pioneer in delivering technology-driven charging solutions.

In conclusion, Indochin – Fast Charging Expert’s journey from a startup to a global leader exemplifies the transformative power of focused expertise and innovation. As India’s manufacturing sector continues to evolve, companies like Indochin pave the way for sustainable growth and market leadership, particularly in the fast charging segment for Indian smartphone brands and mobile accessories.

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