Infinix Introduces The Revolutionary Dar-Link Technology


Gaming enthusiasts can gear up for an enriched experience as Infinix, the premium smartphone brand from TRANSSION group is launching the revolutionary Dar-Link Game Boost Technology in its upcoming smartphone HOT 10S. This ultimate technology innovation enhances the system by improving the graphics display and touchscreen sensitivity. Infinix is also bringing to the table the latest XOS 7.6 skin emphasising an all-new design, which will be an ode to nature.

Presently, while playing games on smartphones consumers face several specific issues like screen tearing or staggering, heating of devices during longer gameplay, poor colours on-screen, and delay in the responsiveness of Touch Panel. The Dar Link Technology addresses all the pain points, bringing the gaming interaction and display experience to a new level, and amplifies the user’s sensory experience in games like Call of Duty, Free Fire, PUBG, etc.

Preventing Screen Tearing: In the case of games with a frame rate of 40fps (40 Frames per second), a display refresh rate of 60Hz to 90Hz will not match. A smartphone with such a level of display refresh rate will only result in screen tearing. The Dar-Link technology increases the game’s frame rate to 60Hz-90Hz so that it matches the display’s frame rate to avoid any screen tearing.


No Heating: Playing heavy capacity mobile games line Asphalt, Free Fire, etc. for a long period of time can deteriorate the chipset performance gradually. This is due to the continuous resource distribution from chipset to game resulting in heat generation from the device. This reduces the performance and affects the gaming experience. The Dar-Link game boosting technology intelligently adjusts the operating speed of CPU/GPU, manages and allocates resources according to different game scenarios to maintain the efficient operation of the smartphone. This solves the problem of mini-freezes while gaming and makes the game run more smoothly. In addition, it also reduces the temperature of the device and ensures a more pleasing gaming experience for every user.

Good Colour Reproduction: Every game’s graphics are built using millions of shades from the colour palette. Every smartphone’s display comes with the varying capability of NTSC colour gamut (For e.g. Hot 10s has 72% NTSC Colour Gamut). Dar-Link optimises the colour of the graphics and replicates them best on the device’s screen.

Responsive Touch Panel: Normally, the speed of moving our finger on the smartphone screen is faster than the display response. The Dar Link technology elevates the performance of the touch panel and makes it response quickly by reducing the latency between the finger touch and display response.

Taking inspiration from the fabulous design elements Sierra Aurora Green, the newest XOS7.6 comes with a revolutionary visual appearance with lesser elements. It features a whole new integrated refreshed icon, new design, refreshing wallpapers, and moved down interaction area for smoother reachability to lead users to a secure, smart & localised and high quality entertainment experience.

To ensure enhanced security, XHide will enable the users to hide their private apps, message notification and media so that no one gets to see them without their consent. Users can store their important files in the XHide, which acts as a secure encrypted vault and requires identity verification to access.  The X-Proof feature protects the privacy by keeping the display opaque, making it hard for anyone else to snoop on the screen while users are chatting or using their phone in public. The Kids Mode allows the users to decide and select the apps for their kids to access. It also enables in putting a time and data limit along with keeping a track on the app usage.

For smart and localised usage, the upgraded operating system comes with an XClone feature that creates a replica of the apps to help users login to multi-accounts and keep them online simultaneously. The Wi-Fi Smart comm feature allows the users to auto-connect to the saved network from their mobile data whenever they enter the saved Wi-Fi network or turn the Wi-Fi off automatically when the saved network is unavailable. The Photo Compressor feature saves space by compressing the pictures in the AI gallery.

For uninterrupted entertainment, XOS 7.6 comes with the Video Assistant feature for the users to add their favourite OTT apps in it. Once enabled, they can auto reject all the incoming calls and messages; record any snippet or take a screenshot from videos; play YouTube in the background; check WhatsApp messages on TICKR while watching videos; and open WhatsApp/Chrome directly by activating Multi-window. Through the Thunder Back feature, users can add any app in PiP mode and keep switching between them seamlessly.

Both the latest technology will be available on Infinix’s upcoming device H0T10 S, which will be available on Flipkart.

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