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Innovation in Illumination: Mini-LED Smart TVs Setting the Standard in India


Indian market is witnessing a surge in demand for cutting-edge televisions, with consumers seeking the best in-class options that offer exceptional performance and value. Mini LED technology represents a relatively newer advancement in display technology. Their Mini backlighting utilizes numerous small LEDs that are individually controlled to brighten or dim backlighting zones, resulting in improved contrast, brightness, and black levels, therefore giving viewers an amazing visual display. These TVs are expected to grow and shipments are anticipated to reach 6.21 million units by 2024.

Televisions have long been a centerpiece of Indian homes, a window to the world, and a source of entertainment for the whole family. Featuring a smaller backlight than regular LCD or LED TVs, these TV’s offer improved contrast and better color reproduction for stadium-like experience.

Motorola EnvisionX Spectra Mini LED Series


The Motorola EnvisionX Spectra is a smart Mini TV aiming to bring a new dimension to your viewing experience. EnvisionX Spectra comes with Mini-LED backlights implanted in the back panel of TV, which enhances the brightness & contrast, the liquid crystal layer then modulates that light to create a better picture which comes with 160 local dimming zone for truer blacks & brighter whites. This mini LED features a 55-inch display, 178 Degree Wide Viewing Angle and HDR 10+ support with a Metallic bezel-less design. It further comes with an in built graphic unit powered by MediaTek quad-core Processer with a 2GB RAM, ensuring smooth and flawless performance. The Smart TV further features Sports mode and Game Mode providing Motion Enhancement, Reduced Input Lag and enjoy Games with ALLM Feature & MEMC Technology. Further MOTOROLA EnvisionX Spectra is powered by Google TV, which offers an easy access user-friendly interface. It is a home to more than 10000+ apps and Voice Assistance. The Smart TV also features Dolby Atoms which comes with 20 Watt Speaker with inbuilt Sub-Woofer to help you enjoy different sound modes in top-quality.

Approx. Price:

50 inch Mini LED:-  Rs 38999/-

55 inch Mini LED :- Rs 42999/-

65 inch Mini LED :-  Rs 64999/-


The Motorola EnvisionX is an Android Powered smart Mini LED TV which features a 140 cm (55 inch) QLED Ultra HD (4K) display with 3840 x 2160 pixel, the QLED panel with Quantum Glow technology which provides rich colors and a bezel-less design for a sleek look. It further comes with an in built graphic unit powered by MediaTek quad-core Processer with a 2GB RAM, ensuring smooth and flawless performance. Further MOTOROLA EnvisionX is powered by Google TV, which offers a seamless and user-friendly interface. Its AI-enabled personalized content suggestion feature analyses preferences to provide content suggestions as per your interests. The Smart TV, thanks to Dolby Atoms comes with 20W speakers with which you can enjoy different sound modes in top-quality.

Flipkart Price- Rs. 34,999/-

 Hisense Mini LED

Hisense Mini LED technology offers superior picture quality. Featuring a 139 cm (55 inch) QLED Ultra HD (4K) Screen with 3840 x 2160 pixel, it comes with Mini Led Setup with tiny LEDs providing precise control over the backlight, thanks to the use of quantum dot technology. Further, it also offers excellent picture quality and features like Dolby Vision HDR. Hisense’s Hi-View Engine consistently optimizes viewing experience with real-time frame-level analysis. Certified by the IMAX Corporation and Hollywood’s leading technical specialists, it deliver IMAX’s signature brand picture quality and DTS-powered audio immersion. Its AI Sports Mode enables the best picture and audio quality for the smoothest viewing experience. Furthermore, Hisense TV works with Google Home to easily set up, control, and automate your connected devices, from anywhere.

Flipkart/Amazon Price- Rs. 69,990/-

 Toshiba 55 4K Quantum Dot TV

TOSHIBA M550MP features a 139cm (55 inch) QLED Ultra HD screen with 3840 x 2160 pixel. It is powered by MediaTek’s Quad core processer with 2 GB RAM. Its Quantum Dot Technology boast over a billion shades of color to experience vibrant and realistic visuals. Further, it is powered by Google TV, with user-friendly platform offering easy access to your favorite streaming services and content recommendations. Its HSR 120 Mode helps enjoy smoother gameplay with a 120Hz refresh rate. It further has Dolby Atmos powered sound output with a 20W Built-in woofer for immersive audio.

Flipkart Price- Rs. 39,990/-

 Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

Samsung Smart OLED TV features a screen of 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD display with 3840 x 2160 pixels with Quantum HDR. Its QLED (Quantum Dot) technology provides for a wider color gamut and better brightness. It works on Tizen Operating System with Samsung’s Quantum lite processer and a RAM of 2 GB. It further has a refresh rate of 120Hz which helps with smooth visuals, especially for gaming and has an Audio Output of 20W with dual audio support. It also gives access to a variety of streaming services and entertainment options with its built-in apps.

Flipkart Price- Rs. 64,990/-

 In today’s time, where people hardly get time to spend with one another, Mini LED TVs brings friends and families together offering a revolution in picture quality that elevates the entire television experience, whether it be the Cricket league, daily news, movies nights or the entertaining daily soaps.

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