“IoT and 5G rollout to drive the Flash storage demand in India,” says Rajesh Khurana of Biwin


BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited is a manufacturer of high-quality flash storage solutions. With gaming becoming the fastest-growing segment in India and the roll-out of 5G across India, the demand for faster storage solutions is touted to grow exponentially. We had the opportunity to interact with Rajesh Khurana, Country Manager – Consumer Business, BIWIN, who shared his insights on the storage devices market and the company’s roadmap for growth in India.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

Kindly elaborate on the storage devices market in India.

With the launch of 5G in India, we are going to see the exponential emergence of various types of storage devices using Flash storage in IoT devices. Currently, the SSD market in India is witnessing a double-digit growth rate. This is due to their performance benefits, such as higher random-access speeds, multi-tasking ability, and higher reliability and durability, compared to their traditional counterparts. Low latency and faster access time, owing to integrated circuit design instead of fragmentation, and physical movement, is promoting higher penetration of solid-state drive in PCs. Other key segments such as high-end cloud computing, data centres, and automotive are increasing the adoption of SSD due to the advantages of SSD over HDD.

Please elaborate on your product line-up in India, and for which brands are you manufacturing.

Biwin is a licensed manufacturer and marketer for HP branded SSD, Acer Branded SSD, DRAM, SD cards, USB products and Predator Branded SSD and DRAMs. BIWIN is globally one of the top companies in the DRAM and Flash Storage field for a few decades and with in-house IC packaging capability. We have already completed over billion+ IC packaging with a 99.7% yield rate. We also have a close partnership with all the original vendors in Flash and DRAM. BIWIN products and services include SSDs, embedded storage chips, memory cards, memory modules, and customization services.

Has the rise of e-gaming been a catalyst in the growth of the storage devices market in the country?

Yes, e-gaming has been a catalyst in the growth of high-performance SSDs and DRAMs. The Predator branded memory and personal storage solutions are just the perfect pick for hardcore PC gamers and e-sports professionals who seek high-end gaming solutions to ensure a competitive edge. The new high-end flagship memory and storage portfolio under the Predator brand begins with state-of-the-art memory modules and blazing-fast solid-state drives. Once you launch a game on your gaming PC, the RAM (memory)is an active participant because the game is loaded into it. Bigger and faster RAM is preferred because it improves the gaming experience and leads to faster loading times.

Following parameters play an important role in enhancing your gaming experience.

Capacity: While it certainly pays to go higher GBs in this case, make sure your pre-built gaming PC can support it, especially if you’re running older hardware. If you built your gaming computer, look at the motherboard manufacturer’s website for this information. Otherwise, check the manufacturer’s website of your existing system.

Frequency: Frequency deals with how much data can be transferred to the stick at one time. RAM runs on various frequencies, but like the capacity, you can only go as high as your system supports. The higher the frequency, the better the performance BUT that doesn’t mean the fastest RAM possible is going to be the best. If you run RAM faster than the chipset allows, that overclocked RAM can cause system instability, negating any performance advantages.

Latency: It’s best to look for RAM that has low latencies around 16 CAS. You’ll notice that latencies are described in four numbers, and these numbers tell you the latency of memory clocks for each task.

BIWIN, a leading chip manufacturer for flash storage, has an agreement with Acer to design and manufacture Predator-branded memory and personal SSD storage products. BIWIN focuses on providing customers with more competitive and high-quality hardware and software storage solutions. BIWIN products and services include SSDs, embedded storage chips, memory cards, memory modules, and customization services.

From your perspective what are the tech and consumer trends that will drive the storage devices market in 2023?

The latest industry trends are to reduce costs while increasing storage capacity. This has led to the development of denser memory cells while slowly approaching the cost of traditional hard drives. We see SSD will continue to replace HDD at a much faster rate and the share of NVME interface SSD will increase as it’s 5-6 times faster than SATA SSDs. On top of it, 5G services will usher in an ecosystem of different types of storage devices with different form factors leading to demand for customized Flash storage solutions.

How are the young consumers responding to your offerings? What is the roadmap in terms of future expansion for BIWIN?

Last year, 2022 year started with an unprecedented scenario full of uncertainties and challenges imposed by the COVID pandemic situation. However, the WFH (work from home) necessity accelerated the digitization processes/Digital adoption. What was projected to happen in 10 years happened in a few months. Demand for SSD got accelerated with the basic need to improve the performance and speed of Laptops /Desktops. We at Biwin also witnessed a tremendous response to our wide portfolio of Acer-branded SSD, Acer-branded DRAMs and HP-branded SSDs.

We have been very successful at placing these products at key counters in markets all over India. We also won recognition awards from the industry forums. We would like to thank the Indian channel partners and consumers for helping us. We are working on launching a wide portfolio of storage products. Details of the same will be shared as and when available.

What is the USP of BIWIN that differentiates the brand and company from the competition?

Biwin is very well placed and prepared to take advantage of its world-leading quality manufacturing capabilities coupled with worldwide brand recognition of both Acer and HP along with its Indian distributors and their wide established networks. Over the last few years, we have been focusing on expanding our reach in Acer branded storage products by leveraging the strength of our national Distributor Fortune Marketing with its broad network and experience in the IT storage industry.

We are also expanding our reach for HP branded storage products (internal and external SSDs) by leveraging the strength of our national distributors, viz. UR Distree Pvt Ltd. and Fortune Marketing Pvt Ltd. along with their wide network of channel partners and retailers and e-tailers.


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