KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier Helps To Create a Healthy Environment At Home


With a spike in air pollution and dip in air quality, especially as the capital of the country itself is in the alarming matrix, it’s time to think about the need for air purification inside your home. Packed with innovative and certified technology, KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is catching attention fast as it helps create a healthy environment at home and help breathe cleaner air every day. What makes this model unique is the act that KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is designed with UV-LED. It helps in reducing bacteria, viruses, and germs present within the air before it throws our clean & fresh air. In the air purifier, the UV LED is placed after the filters to remove bacteria and virus as the air passes through it. The process makes the air cleaner. KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is also equipped with advanced HEPA technology. HEPA Filter with antibacterial coating removes PM 2.5. This helps filter out air pollutants, more than 0.3 microns in size, via a 3-stage mechanism. First is the primary filter to remove large particles, then the activated carbon filter to remove odour and lastly, the HEPA Filter reduces bacteria, viruses, and PM 2.5 for cleaner indoor air.

Commenting on alarming Air Pollution, Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, KENT RO Systems Ltd. said, Harmful bacteria and viruses which are invisible to our eye and other air pollutants are affecting the air we breathe and is detrimental to human health and what most of us are ignorant about is the indoor air pollution, especially for urban areas. People should be aware that staying indoors does not mean the air they are breathing is safe. We understand the criticality of the problem. To tackle this problem we have come out with, KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier. It is the best and ideal solution to deal with the current air pollution problem and the unhealthy air that we are forced to breathe. KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is not just a long-term asset, but also an investment to ensure better “Health. “

Another distinctive feature of KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is its intelligent air quality monitoring (AQI) through digital display and filter change indicator that makes it a smart air purifier. Its filter change indicator alerts you when you need to get the filters changed, and the digital display show the air quality (AQI) and the quality of air you’re currently breathing.


Fusion of impeccable performance and quiet operation, the air purifier ensures a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 400mᵌ/hr.  Furthermore, the air purifier is extremely sleek and compact with user friendly design.  The settings on KENT Alps +UV Air Purifier is specially designed in a way that they can be done on a simple touch of button.

This model is especially designed for the Indian market and now you can be at ease in your home or at work place knowing the fact that you are finally getting to breathe pure and fresh air.

KENT ALPS+ UV Air Purifier is suitable for a room of up to 430 sq.ft and high purifying capacity purifies the room’s air instantly. The model is priced at Rs. 29,950 and is available at all leading retail outlets across India.

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