Kent launches Alkaline water Pitcher, new-product which converts drinking water into alkaline water


A leading name in water purification space, Kent RO Systems has launched an innovative product KENT Alkaline water Pitcher which Increases the pH Level of Water up to 8.5 and Converts Your Drinking Water into Alkaline Water.

People wish to stay healthy and Water plays a crucial role in daily health management. People are trying to consume the safest water which will provide them with health benefits while boosting their immunity.

People want their drinking water to be free of all impurities not only from Bacteria and Viruses but also from dissolved impurities. Further the pure water should maintain essential Minerals. Recent Studies shows that Drinking Alkaline Water with pH level around 8.5 gives health benefits due to Reduce ORP as well as reducing Acidity. People have been buying costly ionizers ( Rs 2 lac ) to meet this objective. KENT has innovated and broken the Price barriers and introduced this in a jug that converts your water into alkaline water with pH level of 8.5 with a cost of just Rs 1990. The Alkaline water reduces acidity, regulates body’s pH levels, boosts immunity, and fortifies one’s health and help you stay healthy


It comes with 3.5L storage capacity, and the best part is that the pitcher works without electricity! Just fill the water from top and get alkaline water for a healthy body and mind.

Commenting on this innovative Product Dr Mahesh Gupta, Chairman KENT Ro said “Kent continues to offer innovative health and lifestyle products by keeping customers’ best interests in mind. Being in the industry for over two decades, their state-of-the-art products and home appliances have scored the trust of people in the country. The company implements futuristic mechanisms in all its products and Kent’s Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, is no exception! We have a lot of people buying and enquiring about our Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. It’s commendable how people have become more health conscious than ever before.”

This pitcher also boasts of a smart design as it is space saving that easily fits into all types of refrigerator doors. This pitcher comes with an easy fill lid and comfort grip handle that provides great convenience while dispensing water into a bottle or glass.

It is available at Amazon & Flipkart.

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