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KENT Launches Automatic & Hygienic ‘KENT Touchless Soap Dispenser


The New Normal has been an eye opener and people are forced to change their habits and maintain more hygiene, whether at home or in office. According to the WHO, hand hygiene is the key to keeping yourself and others protected from diseases. India’s most trusted brand, KENT offers a futuristic product—KENT Touchless Soap Dispenser– a certain way to keep hands away from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Touching soap or touching hand pumps, which are used by everyone to wash hands again and again, can cause bacteria and viruses to spread. That’s where Kent Touchless Soap Dispenser steps in.

‘Hand hygiene has become very important and as people are becoming aware and more conscious, we have come out with these automatic soap dispensers. With its smooth performance and futuristic features, this product is a winner for both homes and commercial premises.’ says Mr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman KENT RO Systems Ltd.


KENT Touchless Soap Dispenser is geared with an in-built IR sensor. It can sense your hands even from 8-12cm. Place your hands below the dispenser and it will dispense the right amount of liquid soap.

Another highlight of this smart product is that you can adjust the output volume of liquid soap as per your needs by simply selecting the single dispensing mode or the double dispensing mode.

The product is also hassle free to clean as this wall mountable dispenser has an easy to detach 1Ltr soap tank. You can easily take it out for cleaning purposes. All you need to do is twist the nozzle and clean.

Another advantage is that it can work on either 4-C type batteries or a 6 Volt 1 Ampere DC Adapter that can be purchased for any electrical store.

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