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KENT Launches Unique Wet Grinders

When eating out is not safe it’s time for hunger pangs and cravings for delicious home cooked food. “Kent Smart chef appliances” has introduced the all new and innovative KENT WET GRINDER to cook healthy and cook fast; with this smart kitchen appliance making a variety of these scrumptious, healthy, fresh and hygienic dishes is no longer a time-consuming process. Now make a variety of batter for dishes like dosas, idli, uttpam, vada, knead atta and scrap coconut in a matter of minutes!

Commenting on the new appliance Mr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman Kent RO Systems Ltd said “We, at KENT, have always believed that a clean and healthy life is right for every individual. This ethos has made us embark on a journey to develop innovative solutions for purifying water we drink, vegetables and fruits we eat, homes we live in and the air that we breathe. KENT Wet Grinder is no exception as it is in sync with the brand philosophy. We have reached out to multiple households to understand the exact requirement of a wet grinder before developing our product. With a focus on simplicity, brilliant performance and compact design, we are certain that our consumers will enjoy the extra help in the kitchen making it easier to provide simple, nutritious and delicious meals to enjoy every day.

This new age high speed wet grinder for home will facilitate quick and hygienic processing to make a variety of batters easily at home. Unlike bulky grinders and unwieldy food processors which are rarely used, KENT Wet Grinder is so handy, versatile and easy to use that you’ll put it to work every single day!”

The Kent Wet Grinder is the first in the market that features encased rotating drums for safe operation. The encasing prevents spillage of food particles and makes it so safe that even a child can operate it easily. Apart from adding to safety, the encasing is very easy to clean and your grinder requires minimal maintenance.

Furthermore, unlike other noisy grinders, you can effortlessly grind batter, scrap coconuts and knead atta without disturbing the peace and tranquillity of your home. The outer encasing absorbs the noise created by the motor and thus the grinder makes a very minimal noise.

Also, this multipurpose device with so many applications can easily replace your numerous kitchen appliances, thus saving money and space. The KENT Wet Grinder is your single device to grind batter for your dosa, idli, vada as well as scrapping coconuts and kneading atta for your chapatis.

The KENT Wet Grinder offers variable time setting extra convenience.  You can easily switch and adjust the time of the grinder for different food items.

 Another highlight is the high speed and high power. This multipurpose device is equipped with a 150 W high power motor for effortless grinding, kneading & scrapping. Its high motor provides up to 960 RPM for high speed operations which is more than sufficient to grind and knead your favourite food items.

With its robust built and quality, you can look forward to years of trouble-free service.

It is a compact appliance which you can place anywhere in the kitchen. It requires hassle free maintenance and is specially designed in a way so that the cleaning is extremely simple. Besides this appliance is easy to dismantle and assemble. Its user-friendly shape makes it extremely easy to use and operate.  “Kitchens today are evolving. While they are becoming compact on one hand, there is also a perceptible shift towards becoming stylish and trendy. Keeping in line with this trend, we have launched the new wet grinder, which will raise the bar in innovation and efficiency in the kitchen appliance space.” Added Mr. Mahesh Gupta

KENT Wet Grinder comes under the Kent smart chef appliance. The KENT Turbo Grinder and Blender box contains Kent Wet grinder base, steel jar with lid, push rod and a user guide. It comes in white colour and is available at all Kent outlets and online on It is extremely pocket friendly priced at Rs. 7,900/-.

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