Koo App doubles install volume and increases marketing efficiency by 50% with Adjust

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Koo App, the Indian microblogging and social networking platform leverages Adjust‘s leading mobile marketing analytics platform to accurately attribute installs, protect data from fraud, and gain deeper insights into its marketing performance to boost its user acquisition (UA) efforts and accelerate app growth. Since partnering with Adjust, Koo has reported a 50% increase in its marketing efficiency, a 100% increase in installs, and an 8.6% growth in blocked fraudulent installs.

Social media apps are popular in app stores; however, only a handful have achieved global growth. For apps to succeed, they need to acquire genuine users with high lifetime value (LTV). That’s why the team at Koo is laser-focused on constantly improving its UA strategy, user experience, and user retention rate.

“We make data-based decisions; hence, data is of utmost importance to us. It helps us identify the root cause of issues and solve them at the earliest, to deliver a good experience to the users”, says Ankit Kumar Sharma, Growth Manager, Koo App. “From the attribution we receive from Adjust, the team has been able to provide direction on campaign optimization, thereby adding value to the business.”


The Analytics team at Koo harnesses the capabilities of Adjust’s attribution, advanced analytics, and Fraud Prevention  solutions to provide the team with clean data, including insights on which channels yield the best results. Having access to detailed reporting on business-specific KPIs and being able to aggregate data in real time has allowed Koo to pinpoint the sources bringing in high-quality users as well as points of churn in the user journey.

With mobile fraudsters making up 18.9% of internet traffic today, Koo also knows it’s essential to protect its data sets from ad fraud and bad traffic to ensure accurate data and protect its ad budgets. With Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite Koo was able to source real users and identify the top-performing partners, giving the brand the sought-after edge over its competitors.

April Tayson, Regional VP INSEAU at Adjust said, “Our team empowered Koo to understand the outcome of their campaigns and marketing efforts, which enabled them to build a solid UA and retention strategy based on reliable, accurate data, upon which they continue to optimize and improve. Our support and technical account management also made for a seamless and successful SDK installation. We also spent time with Koo’s team to ensure the setup was aligned with their goals, providing in-depth demos, strategic workshops, and deployment sessions”.

The data-driven partnership with Adjust has proved fruitful as Koo optimizes its UA and retargeting campaigns with all its data in one place.

“Adjust has proven a valuable partner in Koo’s growth phase. It helped us save time, effort, and money with the offerings in the Suite. The team has always been available for the support we needed, which makes a big difference for a fast-paced startup”, concludes Sharma.

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