Mediatek Launched a Rich Portfolio Of 5G Chipsets Catering to Devices of All Price Range


MediaTek has been the frontrunner when it comes to powering 5G devices. MediaTek is continuously collaborating with leading brands in India to enable enhanced experiences for end users. MediaTek, with its Dimensity series, aims to cater to world-class user experiences.

The DimensitySoC series, with the latest and most advanced features, enables devices, ranging from flagship to midtier, to facilitate enhanced 5G experience for its users with seamless online gaming, buffer free video playback and low power consumption.

MediaTekDimensity 1200 5G, the flagship chipset offers advanced AI and multimedia capabilities, allowing users to experience devices with outstanding images from their cameras. In an interaction with Mr. Kuldeep Malik – Director, Corporate Sales, MediaTek India.

Q MediaTek’s Role to build the 5G ecosystem in India?

MediaTek focuses on building a connected ecosystem wherein every stakeholder benefits from the best of the technologies available today. With our diverse portfolio of chipsets every year we enable nearly 2 billion devices encompassing smartphones, laptops, connectivity/networking devices, and smart devices powered by modern technologies like IoT, AI, AR/VR, and more. There is a strong growth around smart devices especially in areas such as IoT, smart manufacturing, and connected assets across both home and enterprise segments. Apart from smartphones, MediaTek caters to key segments like the connected home, connected vehicles, and connected enterprises. For the smart home segment, we focus on audio products, voice assistants, BluRay, DVDs, STBs, smart TVs, and commercial display solutions, in addition to connectivity enhancement tools for the smart home network. For SMBs and large enterprises, we deliver networking/connectivity solutions supported by technologies like WiFi 6, 5G broadband, and 800 GbE Ethernet PHY. In the automotive sector, infotainment and telematics are two major focus areas.

Q How important is the Dimensity mobile series SoC for MediaTek?

With technology democratization as the ideal, MediaTek has launched a rich portfolio of 5G chipsets catered to devices of all price ranges: entry-level, mid-range, and premium. MediaTek Dimensity SoC family stands apart in the market with its ‘Incredible 5G In, Incredible Experiences Out’ enhancements that take user experience to a new level. Our Dimensity SoCs are packed with a combination of fully integrated 5G modems and several technological advancements to deliver enhanced coverage, reliability, and faster performance. Some of them include the MediaTek ultraSave technology for whole-day performance and the new built-in technologies for imaging, video , gaming, and performance, yielding an unrivalled experience to the user. MediaTek has introduced its popular chipsets from the Dimensity series in India, including the Dimensity 800U, Dimensity 700, and Dimensity 1200, and now the latest 1200AI. The Dimensity 1200 is the flagship chipset by MediaTek which features the latest technologies and enhancements including the 3GHz Ultra-Core in a powerful octa-core CPU and MediaTek HyperEngine 3.0 gaming technology. The recently launched Dimensity 1200AI gives the power of customization in hands of the OEMs, enabling them to bring products that deliver an incredible experience to its users.

We have been and will continue to work in the direction of technology that will drive the world tomorrow — Mr. Kuldeep Malik

Q MediaTek is now powering more and more premium devices. Your comment

MediaTek aims at bringing a world-class experience to its end users. Our innovations and incredible products have made us the choice of leading smartphone makers and customers. We have been and will continue to work in the direction of technology that will drive the world tomorrow. India is always ranked among the top in terms of technology adoption. While the launch of 5G is still awaited, we see 5G smartphone penetration growing incredibly fast. While most of the early launches are meant for the premium segment, we expect the scenario to change as soon as 5G is launched. In India, there is potential for all segments; at present, the focus of OEMs will be premium 5G smartphones and smart devices. MediaTek plans to bring in more advanced technologies for smartphones, which will act as a catalyst for the country’s digitalization efforts in the coming days.

Q The road ahead: Product roadmaps and tie-ups

MediaTek has been collaborating with the leading OEMs for a long time. We work closely with many of them to de[1]sign products that serve the demands of their users. We have even opened some of our chip architecture to them for select Dimensity 5G chips, so they can build custom enhancements on aspects like camera, display, graphics, AI processing units, sensors, and connectivity sub-systems. Furthermore, we focus on the emerging technologies around IoT, AI, WiFi 6 and the like, that will be prevalent in the 5G era. At MediaTek, innovation is at the core of our strategy, and with that, we focus on delivering premium user experience across the global markets as we continue to expand our market share. Moreover, we plan to engage with industry associates to launch brand connect initiatives wherein the brand can come in direct contact with the device user community. Such tie-ups will also help us gain insights into the market challenges and opportunities.

Q Tell us about the new range of AIoT Solutions and the latest development with the last year’s tie-up with VVDN?

Our alliance with VVDN Technologies started in the year 2020, with a focus on delivering AIoT solutions for home and office use. At present VVDN Technologies offers a wide range of products across industrial IoT, smart consumer devices/wearables, smart medical solutions, smart energy, smart audio, and more, powered by MediaTek chipsets. We are closing working with VVDN Technologies as part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, contributing to the nation’s ambitious journey towards becoming a self-reliant economy.

MediaTek recently collaborated with Tessolve, a Hero Electronix venture, to roll out production-ready AIoT hardware and Android software. Tessolve is a part of MediaTek’s AIoT program and has introduced ultra-low-power System-On-Module (SoM) based on the MediaTek i500 Family for portable, home or commercial IoT applications that require high-performance edge processing, advanced multimedia capabilities, multiple high-resolution cameras, connected touchscreen displays, and multitasking OS enhancements.

Key Point

  • MediaTek with its dimensity series aims to cater world class experiences. Deminsity SoC family stands apart in the market with its Incredible 5G In,Incredible experiences out enhancements that take user experiences to new level.
  • Focuses on building a connected ecosystem wherein every stakeholder benifits from the best technologies available today.
  • MediaTek has been collaborating with the leading OEMs.
  • Recently collaborated with Tessolve, a Hero electronix venture to roll out production –ready a lot hardware and Android software.

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