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Motorola moto buds Review: Vibrant Sound and Superior Performance


Motorola has always been known for its innovative designs and reliable performance. Recently, Motorola has taken a vibrant turn in its aesthetic approach, partnering with Pantone to infuse a splash of color and excitement into its devices. Whether it’s their latest smartphones or the newly launched TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds, this collaboration brings a fresh and dynamic look to their product lineup. Today, we’re focusing on the moto buds, part of Motorola’s new TWS earbuds series, which stand out not only for their design but also for their impressive performance and features, all priced under ₹5,000.

Design and Quality

The moto buds come in a sleek, all-white square-shaped case that opens like a seashell. The iconic Motorola ‘M’ branding sits on top of the case, set against a circle that reflects the vibrant Pantone-curated color inside. Once you lift open the case, the Pantone-curated colors—Starlight Blue, Glacial Blue, and Coral Peach—bring in the vibrancy. Inside, the earbuds sport a glossy finish and are remarkably light and comfortable, with IPX4 water-repellent protection to withstand the occasional splash or sweat during workouts.


The case is equally practical and stylish, featuring a USB Type-C port and an LED indicator on the front that provides clear status updates on battery life, charging, and pairing. There is a pairing/reset button discreetly placed on the bottom tray where the two earbuds rest. The magnetic connection is fairly strong, ensuring the earbuds slide back into the grooves correctly. At just 36 grams, the case is compact and easy to carry around, fitting snugly in your pocket.

Audio Performance

Performance is where the moto buds truly shine. Equipped with 12.4mm dynamic drivers, these earbuds deliver a rich and immersive audio experience. The 50dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is particularly impressive, effectively drowning out ambient noise to let you enjoy your music or calls without distraction. The inclusion of triple microphones ensures superior noise suppression and echo cancellation during calls, making communication clear and crisp.

With Hi-Res Audio (LHDC) support, the sound quality is exceptional, offering detailed and high-fidelity audio playback. The moto buds support Bluetooth 5.3, allowing for seamless dual-device pairing and quick connectivity. However, the dual-device connectivity feature has to be first enabled through the Moto Buds Companion App. Through this app, users can switch between three preset noise cancellation modes—Transparency, Adaptive, and Noise Cancellation. This app also offers an equalizer to tweak the sound profile, a volume booster, a low latency gaming mode, customizable gesture controls, in-ear detection, and a ‘Fit Test’ feature that ensures a proper fit of the earbuds.

Battery Performance

Battery life is another strong suit for the moto buds. They boast up to 42 hours of playback with the case and up to 9 hours from the earbuds alone, both without ANC. With ANC activated, you can still expect commendable battery performance. The 10-minute quick charge feature provides an additional 2 hours of playback, making them perfect for on-the-go use. The impressive battery life ensures that you can enjoy your music and calls for extended periods, surpassing many competitors in the same price range.


Priced at ₹4,999, the moto buds offer an outstanding blend of sound quality, battery life, and design. If you’re seeking ANC-enabled wireless earbuds under ₹5,000 that deliver on both performance and aesthetics, the moto buds are an excellent option.

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