MSI showcases New Summit Series 2-in-1 Laptops Designed by Golden Ratio

MSI, a world leading gaming brand  unveiled the “MSIology: Determined to Succeed 2021” virtual event. Exemplifying the perfection of the golden ratio, MSI launched the Summit series, including the honorees of “CES Innovation Awards” MSI Summit E16 Flip and MSI Pen, “Best of the CES 2021” winner Summit E13 Flip Evo, and the MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2. During the virtual event, MSI showcased the versatile work styles and displayed how the MSI Summit series can unleash users’ potential to boost business and productivity.

The launch event was addressed by Iris Chuang, Product Management Director of MSI Notebook who spoke about golden ratio spiral outlined the spirit of MSIology, which is to design impeccable laptops for perfectionists who are determined to succeed. During the event, the host shuttled from office, café lounge to home, showcasing how the brand-new Summit series laptops can seamlessly blend into the user’s work, social occasions, family time, and different scenarios. “You expect the laptop to be extremely thin, high performance, unique design, convenient, and reliable. Guess what, the latest Summit laptops have all of those.” said Iris Chuang.

Commenting on the announcement, Green Lin, Regional Marketing Manager, MSI, said “We are always pushing boundaries when it comes to product innovation and providing the ultimate user experience. Keeping this in mind, we have designed laptops that are the perfect companions for people who spend more time working remotely. The brand-new Summit series laptops can seamlessly blend into the user’s work, social occasions, family time, and different scenarios. It demonstrates that the laptop has become like a partner at work, a bestie to enjoy entertainment together, or a loyal sidekick who secures your data, aiding you to face the dynamic fast-paced challenge in the new modern era.”

The laptops will be available in India later this year at MSI’s exclusive stores and authorized resellers and platforms.

Flip the future to the peak of the success: Summit E13 Flip Evo

The Summit E13 Flip Evo, awarded as “Best of CES 2021”, has exemplified the law of “Golden Ratio”. The finest creations are crafted with precise calculation and design. From the logo placement, case design, to the compelling 16:10 display, MSI employed the law of golden ratio into the MSI Summit E13 Flip Evo and Summit E16 Flip, and then the impeccable laptops were born for perfectionists and professionals. Users can choose the 13-inch E13 or the bigger-screen 16-inch E16 according to their demands. Here is the magic feature, when the display expands from 16:9 to 16:10, the visible area extends 10% more, providing more room for info while scrolling less, and further enhances productivity.

The chassis of the laptop is also an artistic masterpiece tailored by CNC machining process, it features an ergonomic 360-degree hinge for variable working scenarios. The special Ink-Black or Pure-White case with shining streamline edges reflects the users’ confidence and the brushed line engraving showcases the extraordinary taste of the business elite.

Additionally, through the CNC manufacturing process for the sturdy unibody design, the cases are thin, sleek yet stronger than ever without compromise. With the aluminum-extruded unique technology, the Summit E13 Flip Evo chassis delivers high durability, and the hinges can endure extensive use for years.

Even for business laptops, MSI stands firm on providing excellent performance. Verified by the Intel Evo platform, the Summit E13 Flip Evo guarantees exceptional performance. Featuring the latest 11th Gen. Intel® Core i7 processor & Intel® Iris Xe graphics, it delivers heavyweight performance yet lightweight portability with up to 10 % performance boost compared to same tier laptops. More incredibly, the Summit E13 Flip Evo offers up to 20-hour battery life for optimal mobility without compromise. Additionally, it is the very first laptop to equip with the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology to deliver stunning speed while keeping the network smooth and stable even when sharing the network with numerous users.

MSI treasures the precious time of business elites, that’s why the Summit E13 Flip Evo offers multiple productivity boosters like featuring the Thunderbolt™ 4 which allows you to quick-charge your devices, transfer data at 40 Gbps to achieve ultimate connectivity. PCIe Gen4 SSD efficiently boosts the daily workflow and even has better signal reliability and integrity for improved performance.

More importantly, the confidential information will be carefully protected under enterprise-grade security like hardware-based TPM2.0. Additionally, to cope with the booming trend of video call, the Summit E13 Flip Evo’s webcam exclusively delivers unprecedentedly triple protection with: indicator light, on/off hotkey, and a thoughtful physical switch on the side of the laptop. More considerate functions are the MSI AI Noise Cancellation and the Noise Reduction CAM, which can help acoustically and visually reduce noise to create an uninterrupted professional working environment for constant meetings.

The thinnest 16-inch 2-in-1 laptop with powerful performance: Summit E16 Flip

The Summit Series also comes with a larger version, the Summit E16 Flip. This is hitherto the thinnest convertible laptop in the 16-inch 2-in-1 laptop market. It boasts an Ink-Black design that would blend into any office, and its streamlined diamond-cut edges provide a much sleeker and more premium look than most business laptops. On top of outfitting with all the excellent features of the Summit E13 Flip Evo, the Summit E16 Flip equips with the latest NVIDIA graphics, enabling it to handle heavy-computing works. Another worth noting of Summit E16 Flip is the MSI exclusive new thermal design, “Dynamic Cooler Boost”. The system only produces 35dB sound even when the CPU is under full load, while the competitor laptops generate in the average range of 45 to 60dB.

The best companion, the CES 2021 innovation awards winner: MSI Pen 

For professionals who desire maximum productivity, the MSI Pen allows users to express their ideas freely. It is the first award-winning stylus that won the 2021 CES award. The minimalistic and steady craftsmanship with all-metal design displays the perfect proportions just like a fountain pen. Interiorly, the MSI Pen provides 4096-level pressure sensitivity and equips with MPP2.0 technology, which provides a more stable connection. It combines a stylus and presentation remote for any time and anywhere. Standing out from the competition, MSI Pen Control allows users to customize functions of the pen button, and more conveniently, shows battery life on the screen. The thoughtful designs provide a seamless smooth user experience and boost productivity. Now, enjoy the benefits from both traditional and modern ways of note-taking within one device.

Expand and connect workplace to the maximum: MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen2

To face challenging business environments, you need a flexible and mobile work-style. The new MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen2 saves users from the messy workspace and epitomizes all the devices into one dedicated docking box. It can connect up to 3 displays and with 5 extra USB ports for users’ to achieve unrivaled work efficiency. It not only meets your needs of 100W power output but also 4K video and data transmission, maintains professionalism, and brings higher productivity, helping users save more time to scale the top peck of their career.

The Summit E13 Flip Evo and Summit E16 Flip laptops not just help users save budget if users desire both tablet and laptop. Moreover, the laptops make users’ life easier by configuring comprehensive functions meeting the demands of business eslite and daily users who determine to succeed.

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