MSI – Two Decades of Pioneering Innovations in the Gaming and Laptop Industry


Recently, MSI celebrated its 20th anniversary, and we had the opportunity to interact with Green Lin, Regional Marketing Manager for MEA and Pan India, and Bruce Lin, Regional Marketing Manager at MSI, to delve into MSI’s remarkable journey in the laptop and gaming industry. From pioneering the gaming laptop market to integrating cutting-edge AI in their latest products, MSI has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation and performance. In this exclusive interview, Green and Bruce share significant milestones, standout features of their new releases, and the brand’s strategic initiatives in India that have established MSI as a leader in premium laptops and gaming devices.

As MSI celebrates its 20th anniversary, can you share some of the most significant milestones and innovations that have shaped the company’s journey in the laptop and gaming industry?

Green Lin: MSI is a leading brand in premium laptops, known for quality, performance, and beautiful design. We cater to content creators, business users, and performance-driven users. We’ve received numerous awards, making us one of the most sought-after brands. Our gaming series is a top choice for gamers. One of our proudest achievements is pioneering the gaming laptop market.


When we started with gaming laptops 15 years ago, there was no such market or concept. People used desktop PCs for gaming, and no one believed a small laptop could handle it. We faced skepticism from our sales partners and customers. The price gap was significant, with regular laptops at $400-$500 and gaming laptops going up to $1500-$2000.

To develop these products, we had to become gamers ourselves, hiring industry experts and listening to professionals. Performance was crucial, but so were features like fast refresh rate displays, stable internet, and comfortable keyboards. For instance, we introduced Killer Internet to our devices, which was 6-16 times faster than regular network cards, essential for the growing esports market.

We also noticed many people using our laptops for other purposes, leading to our content creation series. These laptops offer top performance and the best possible displays for accurate color, catering to content creators and business professionals. Our Prestige, Summit and Modern series are beautifully designed with industrial security functions and high performance.

Recently at Computex 2024, MSI unveiled AI+ Gaming and Business Productivity Series laptops. Could you elaborate on the standout features of these products and their impact on the market?

Bruce Lin: We’re now in the AI era of computing. Even at the beginning of the year during CES, we launched our AI-ready laptops across gaming, business, and content creation. At Computex 2024, we upgraded to the latest chipsets from AMD and Intel. Performance remains our foundation, with a focus on tera operations per second (TOPS). Our laptops meet and exceed the standard, reaching above 40 TOPS.

AI is integrated seamlessly with our hardware and software. For example, our MSI Engine can detect scenarios and adjust system performance accordingly. When gaming, it enhances refresh rates and sound systems, and when working on productivity software, it optimizes screen settings for long-lasting visual comfort. We also have AI artist software for secure, offline text-to-image generation, which is crucial for protecting creative ideas. Our AI noise cancellation software reduces ambient noise in any setting, whether during a conference call or watching a stream.

Our laptops are not just about hardware; they are thinner, lighter, and smarter with premium materials. This integration of AI enhances user experience across gaming, business, and content creation.

Can you explain how MSI’s collaborations with influencers and creator awards have helped the brand in terms of presence and customer engagement in India?

Green Lin: These collaborations are crucial for us. Developing the gaming laptop from scratch involved listening to users and professionals. We host many events both online and offline in India, working with industry professionals, YouTubers, and end users to understand their needs. We conduct around 100 offline events annually, allowing users to experience our products firsthand.

Our online events, like the Creator Awards 2024, encourage creators to showcase their work and win big prizes. We also host smaller game tournaments across India, bringing together fans and celebrities. These events help us get valuable feedback, which we relay to our engineers for product development.

How do you see the Claw AI+ Windows 11 gaming handheld device transforming the mobile gaming landscape?

Green Lin: The Claw represents the evolution of our industry. Just as we pioneered gaming laptops, we’re now making gaming handhelds more powerful and portable. With the Claw, gamers can carry their library of games and play anywhere. It’s not just a handheld device but a mini PC, supporting Thunderbolt and capable of connecting to larger screens. The collaboration with Intel to bring the Core Ultra processor into our device means it can handle a variety of tasks beyond gaming. This flexibility and portability mark a significant step forward in mobile gaming.

Reflecting on 20 years of MSI, what have been the key learnings for the brand in India?

Bruce Lin: When we first entered the Indian market about ten years ago, we were surprised by the potential, especially among engineering students and professionals who require high-performance laptops. This demand aligned with our focus on premium, high-performance products.

Five or six years ago, at a community conference called Unite, which is organized by famous gaming engine called Unity, we saw many VR content creators using MSI laptops. This highlighted the need for high-performance devices not just for gaming but also for content creation. This experience led to the development of our content creation laptops, optimized for tasks requiring high performance and color accuracy.

We’ve also engaged deeply with the community, hosting over 100 events annually, including gaming tournaments and creator workshops. These activities help us stay in sync with market demands and optimize our products for future needs.

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