NEW Duracell Ultra provides up to 100% more power to your device

Duracell Ultra

Today, Duracell, the world’s #1 alkaline battery company and the power behind many of the nation’s favourite household devices, introduces a new alkaline battery that provides up to 100% more power* – Duracell Ultra.

Duracell’s High-Quality Battery – for Power Hungry Devices in Indian Households The new superior battery responds to the growing popularity in power hungry devices. In fact, of the 12 battery powered devices in the average urbanIndian household, 5 now have higher power demands. It is these high drain, power hungry devices such as remote controlled toys, game controllers and torches, that need reliable long-lasting power to have them perform at their best, which is where Duracell Ultra comes in.

Duracell has always been at the forefront of innovation. As today’s devices have become more sophisticated so has the need for more sophisticated longer lasting batterypower. Duracell has recognised this need and to meet it, has reinvented itself with Duracell Ultra.


Duracell Ultra – The Science behind the long-lasting performance New Duracell Ultra alkaline batteries are made of high-quality materials. Its canister is made of refined steel. Inside the interplay of its key ingredients such as zinc, manganese or graphite efficiently converts
chemical energy into electrical energy. Its much better and longer-lasting performance.

Duracell Ultra’s success lies in its optimised design which effectively packs in more high quality active materials to deliver quality performance within a power-hungry device. This optimised design contains 3 key components – the anode, the cathode, and the separator – which work together to create a qualitybattery that delivers strong power. This unique Duracell Ultra design allows the active materials, which are packed in a nickel-plated steel canister with a tin-plated brass nail, to be available for full utilization during discharge, delivering up to 100% more power*.

The Secret behind up to 100% more Power*

OPTIMISED CATHODE – Duracell’s Triple optimised Process, which modifies the cathode
enabling higher energy capacity.

OPTIMISED ANODE – Duracell is the only battery brand that makes its own zinc powder. And the secret ingredient? Optimised particle size distribution that enables higher efficiency and more energy!

OPTIMISED SEPARATOR – Duracell’s separator paper is designed to drive efficiency through low internal resistance and high ionic conductivity. This means ions can cleverly transfer evenly and efficiently between anode and cathode.

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